Alamut™ Visual Plus

For variant annotation, deep exploration, and enhanced visualization

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Variant annotation and interpretation on a genomic scale

Pinpointing pathogenic mutations from large, complex datasets can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. Alamut™ Visual Plus is a comprehensive, full genome browser for efficient and user-friendly variant interpretation.

Alamut™ Visual Plus, accessible through both SOPHiA DDM™ and as a stand-alone product, is used in renowned university medical centers, institutions, and genetics laboratories worldwide.

Highly appreciated by its users, the software accelerates the complex and time-consuming assessment of variants thanks to its user-friendly interface and integrated features for variant annotation and analysis.

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3 Key Features of Alamut™ Visual Plus for Variant Analysis

1. Comprehensive variant annotation

ACMG point-based classification with the option to filter based on evidence strength for each rule

International guidelines such as HGVS nomenclature

A single interface to access variant annotation information from >55 world-renowned curated databases and predictors such as ClinVar, dbSNP, BRIDGES, CADD, COSMIC, MedGen, Orphanet, dbVar, and DGV

High-quality in-silico missense and splice variant predictors such as REVEL, MaxEntScan, NNSPLICE, SIFT, and PolyPhen-2

Literature sources such as PubMed® and MasterMind®

2. Enhanced variant visualization

Comprehensive full-genome browser

GRCh37/38 assemblies and mitochondrial genome visualization

Structural variant track including copy number variation (CNV) analysis

Displays flanking regions and overlapping genes

BAM, VCF, BED, and Sanger file viewers

Simultaneous exploration of multiple genes

3. Efficient laboratory workflows

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Private data management

Dynamic variant filtering

Customizable reporting

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“I particularly like the visualization of GRCh37, GRCh38, or the mitochondrial genome, conveniently displaying regions close to the genes of interest and the option to see overlapping genes. Also, the option of knowing the impact of a variant on the overlapping gene, as the software enables analysis of several genes’ BAM sequences simultaneously

Daniel Bellissimo, PhD
Director University Pittsburgh Medical Center Clinical Genomics Laboratory

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Alamut™ Visual Plus works in harmony with SOPHiA DDM™
to streamline any in-scope laboratory workflow

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