Unlocking the potential of precision medicine with Artificial Intelligence – enabled data-driven insights

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Drive the discovery of clinical biomarkers, improve clinical trial performance and gain access to high quality real-world multimodal data to ultimately optimize drug development and commercialization.

Advances in molecular and imaging techniques, combined with analytics, have resulted in an explosion of data, providing an unprecedented opportunity to identify novel, clinically relevant drug targets that can withstand rigorous validation processes. But while data-driven medicine holds great promise, it can be challenging to decipher and extract subtle biomarker signatures.

Overview of our BioPharma solutions

Leveraging our unique AI expertise, SOPHiA GENETICS provides an unparalleled offering, unlocking insights from complex data types, driving faster discovery of new stratifying biomarkers, in addition to aiding in the commercialization of precision medicines (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Strategic solutions offered by SOPHiA GENETICS for new therapies discovery, clinical trial development, and commercialization of emerging therapies.

Assay Development & Deployment

Our multi-omic experts provide end-to-end support throughout your drug development journey:

Develop genomic and radiomic solutions to support your clinical trials

Build new AI and machine learning algorithms to interrogate molecular and imaging datasets and correlate features with clinical data to extract subtle biomarker signatures

Deploy our co-developed solution across our global clinical SOPHiA DDM community of 750+ hospitals

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Predictive analytics on complex multimodal data

SOPHiA GENETICS is a leader in multimodal analytics that drive the discovery of novel biomarker signatures for accurate patient stratification. Harnessing the power of advanced AI and machine learning, we unlock multimodal insights across a wide range of digital health data modalities. We generate high-quality genomics and radiomics data, and combine existing multimodal data sets using our 10+ organ-specific algorithms to identify predictive or prognostic signatures (Fig. 2).

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Figure 2: Demonstrative workflow of multimodal capabilities offered by SOPHiA GENETICS.

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Ongoing SOPHiA GENETICS multimodal study

SOPHiA GENETICS recently announced the deployment of the cohort study Predictive Multimodal Signatures Associated with Response to Treatment and Prognosis of Patients with Stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (DEEP-Lung-IV); (NCT04994795). This large-scale, international, and multicentric real-world study is enrolling 4,000 patients from approximately 30 sites across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

The study leverages machine learning-enabled analysis of aggregated multimodal clinical, biological, genomics, and radiomics data to identify and validate predictive signatures associated with response to immunotherapy and prognosis of patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). DEEP-Lung-IV aims to generate entirely novel actionable insights to improve clinical outcomes for patients with stage IV NSCLC treated with immunotherapy and develop next-generation patient stratification strategies to support selecting the right patients for clinical trials.

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Figure 3. Partnering with SOPHiA GENETICS drives innovation from multimodal approaches that transform biomarker discovery, therapeutic development, and clinical trial efficiency that ultimately improve patient outcomes in routine clinical care. MM RWD = Multimodal Real World Data.

Gain insights on real-world data (RWD)

SOPHiA GENETICS provides a global perspective based on real-world biomarker testing practices. Powered by multimodal datasets curated across 750+ hospitals worldwide, we have generated over 1,000,000 genomic profiles using SOPHiA DDM™, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform covering Oncology as well as Rare and Inherited Disorders. The platform ensures data protection and respect national privacy laws, GDPR, HIPAA guidelines and applicable legislation regarding data protection. 

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Our RWD Solutions

SOPHiA DDM Molecular Epidemiology Insights

A robust solution that allows you to better understand variant types, co-mutations, and testing practices used to detect relevant biomarkers of interest across several sites worldwide, in a real-world setting. SOPHiA DDM Molecular Epidemiology Insights accelerates the development and commercialization journey of your precision medicines while also generating or confirming hypotheses on your specific indications of interest.

SOPHiA DDM Trial Match

A longitudinal analytical solution that enables you to optimize clinical trial site performance, fact check site selection, and find additional centers for ongoing trials not meeting recruitment goals. Our network of healthcare institutions actively profiles patients for key genomic markers relevant in oncology (including FGFR1/2/3, KRAS, MET, ALK, RET, and BRAF) and germline diseases (BRCA1/2, SOD1, TTR, HBB, MAPT, and GLA). SOPHiA DDM Trial Match can optimize the milestones of your clinical studies by matching the right biomarker with the right site where you can run the feasibility analysis for patient’s enrollment process.

SOPHiA DDM Awareness

A subscription-based reporting solution that gives you access to real-world and real-time information on genomic marker testing. Through SOPHiA DDM Awareness, the sponsors are up to date on new cases that present the biomarkers of interest in specific subpopulations. With real-time data, it is possible to map new target areas for emerging therapies in your pipeline and consolidate portfolio commercialization. SOPHiA DDM Awareness enables you to prospect potential regions for expanding market access strategy based on the incident biomarkers of your therapies.

Connected data across the network

Global data-sharing network at your fingertips. Our networked platform with real-time flagging of positive biomarker profiles helps with:

Finding the right sites for your clinical trials

Real-time statistics on profiles that are relevant for specific therapies

Insights on testing practices in the real-world

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Current BioPharma partnerships

In collaboration with AstraZeneca, SOPHiA GENETICS aims to expand access to in-house HRD testing across European laboratories and institutions. Know more here.

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