Revolutionizing drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization of new drugs through data-driven medicine and multimodal insights.
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Revolutionizing drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization of new drugs through data-driven medicine and multimodal insights.
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The rapid maturation of molecular and imaging technologies in addition to the digital transformation of healthcare has resulted in an explosion of data, dense in information and insights for BioPharma. The SOPHiA DDM™ platform breaks down data silos, driving faster discovery of new biomarkers.

Through a global network and patented algorithms, we give the BioPharma community access to high quality real-world data, leveraging the SOPHiA DDM™ platform.

Supporting you at every step of the lifecycle

Driving novel biomarker discovery

Advances in molecular and imaging techniques combined with data-driven analytics have provided an unprecedented opportunity for the identification of novel, clinically relevant biomarkers that can withstand rigorous validation processes. SOPHiA GENETICS helps you to interrogate molecular and imaging datasets and correlate features with clinical data to extract subtle biomarker signatures. AI-based data-driven algorithms enable the identification of biomarkers to support confident prediction, diagnosis and quantification of disease.

Accelerating clinical trial performance

Complex inclusion and exclusion criteria can make matching eligible patients to clinical trials difficult. Patients with desired genomic signatures and clinical history are not only hard to identify but, in many cases, are geographically distributed. SOPHiA GENETICS Trial Match has enabled clients to accelerate recruitment and enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction through real-time, biomarker-driven patient identification and site selection across a global network of healthcare institutions.

Making data-driven medicine a reality

Data-driven medicine holds great promise for improving patient care and outcomes. Clients leverage SOPHiA GENETICS™ Insights to access a connected network of real-world data to gain global insights on biomarker testing practices. SOPHiA GENETICS™ Awareness draws on these insights to inform client strategy for new therapies.


A customer base comprising 780 healthcare institutions worldwide

Decentralized approach

Through a technology-agnostic approach, SOPHiA GENETICS provides a competitive end-to-end workflow. The SOPHiA DDM™ platform comprises one of the world’s largest communities for data-driven medicine collaboration. Data is shared and accessed safely to inform all stages of cancer management, from drug development to tumor assessment.
partnerships across CROs, big pharma and smaller biotech

Partnering with BioPharma companies

SOPHiA GENETICS partners with top BioPharma companies to deliver a successful clinical development strategy.
genomic profiles

Growing knowledge base

A growing real-world knowledge base of NGS testing provides insights that have the potential to inform disease management.
10 years
experience in genomic solutions

World-leading genomic expertise

Streamlined, decentralized and customized testing calls variants with high accuracy.
Artificial intelligence algorithms

AI-based data-driven medicine

AI-based data-driven algorithms are used to derive insights from multimodal data to interrogate the molecular hallmarks of disease toward the discovery of novel biomarkers.
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