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Transform your precision medicine journey with data-driven insights

Having the right data at the right time can de-risk and accelerate your drug development journey. SOPHiA DDM™ Real-World Data (RWD) Solutions automate patient identification, streamline clinical trial site and biomarker selection, and help you visualize molecular epidemiology and genetic testing insights at a global scale. Supported by a vast clinical research network of 750+ Institutions, the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform allows you to generate data-driven evidence and leverage it to make informed decisions at every step of the process.

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Discover our approach to Real-World Data exploration

The value of

Real-World Data Solutions

Leverage our global decentralized network, tailored solutions, and consultative approach to explore Real-World Data with ease.

Focus on strategic development. Leave data mining to us.

Consult with our data experts to build a solution adapted to your unique challenges and needs. Generate valuable insights in less time by identifying critical clinical data on a global scale.

Save time. Make faster, data-driven decisions.

Spend less time developing your global clinical network and instantly tap into the health data of over 750 institutions spread across 70+ countries.

Remove the guesswork. Understand your target market.

Learn about the genetic testing practices of your target market to determine the need to develop companion diagnostics, fine-tune medical education strategies, optimize your investments, and improve your go-to-market roadmaps.

Leverage our expertise in genomics and the accuracy of the universal SOPHiA DDM™ Platform to turn complex data into valuable evidence. Drawing from 1.2 million genomic profiles across 5 continents and growing by more than 20,000 profiles every month*, our team will help accelerate your precision medicine journey and bring innovative therapies to the right markets.

*since December 31, 2021

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Real-World Data Solutions that fit every step of your journey

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New medicines take 10+ years to be tested and approved1

From biomarker discovery to post-market surveillance, unlock valuable insights and evidence from genomic and molecular epidemiology profiles to reduce costs and accelerate your precision medicine journey.

Patient Group Identification

Understand the size and geographical distribution of your target populations and identify patient subgroups based on biomarker and molecular profiles

Biomarker Identification

Unveil co-occurring and mutually exclusive mutation patterns across diverse patient groups

Molecular Epidemiology Insights

Understand genetic alterations associated with disease at the population level

1. Marchetti S. and Schellens J. H. M. 2007. Br J Cancer. 97(5):577-581. doi: 10.1038/sj.bjc.6603925

86% of clinical trials fail to reach enrollment targets on time2

Spend less time searching for the right sites and biomarker-positive populations for your clinical trials. Shorten enrollment cycles, meet recruitment targets faster, and increase retention with on-demand access to key clinical data from across the globe.

Patient Identification

Automate real-time identification of biomarker-positive patients

Site Selection

Identify sites with large cohorts of biomarker-positive patients

Trial Rescue

Find additional sites for ongoing trials not meeting enrollment goals

2. Treweek,S., et al. 2013. BMJ Open. 3:e002360. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2012-002360

36% of new therapies fail to meet market expectations3

Leverage a clinical research network of over 750 institutions to generate robust and accurate commercial forecasts, optimize investments, and build sustainable, resilient, and data-centered precision medicine commercialization strategies.

Supply Chain Management

Determine the geographical distribution of biomarker-positive populations to deliver your precision therapeutics to the right target

Market Access

Determine the need to integrate companion diagnostics in your roadmap and operational plan by understanding the genetic testing landscape in your target market

Medical Education Strategy

Understand the gaps in care, knowledge, and capacity in your target market to build more engaging medical education strategies and promote precision medicine adoption

3. Ford J. et al. 2020. Key factors to improve drug launches. Deloitte Insights. Retrieved from

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