Unleash the full power of genomic analysis

SOPHiA for Genomics offers clinical-grade genomic solutions to help experts accurately detect and characterize genomic variants associated with cancers and hereditary disorders, from targeted to full genome applications.

SOPHiA Platform

for Oncology Accelerate the interpretation of somatic alterations
for Hereditary Disorders Advance the assessment of germline variants


Alamut Visual Alamut Genova coming soon Advanced variant exploration
Alamut Batch High-throughput variant annotation
Alamut Focus Interactive variant filtration

Genomic Applications

SOPHiA is a universal technology supporting over 180 genomic applications in multiple disorder areas. It guarantees clinical-grade performance whether you have access to an NGS lab or not. See below a non-exhaustive list of applications:

We offer the possibility to customize any application of your choice and focus on the specific genomic regions of interest. The newly tailored solution is fully validated to guarantee advanced analytical performance.

Designed to support you in implementing NGS-based testing, the Set Up Program is a rapid and precise process, establishing and demonstrating the analytical performance of a test prior to adoption.

Don’t find the application you are looking for? Please contact: info(at)sophiagenetics.com 


for Breast Cancer Go beyond current paradigms for breast cancer risk assessment