Decoding complexity: Tackling real-world challenges in variant analysis

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our new webinar series – Decoding complexity: Tackling real-world challenges in variant analysis

Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey as we tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by our esteemed bioinformatics experts, who will be sharing practical solutions to real-world challenges in variant analysis. Each installment of this webinar series will explore the strategies employed by the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform to effectively detect challenging variants associated with cancers and rare and inherited disorders. 

Overcoming noise in precision variant analysis 

In this session, we are excited to introduce you to Xiaobin Xing, Director of Bioinformatics, boasting over a decade of invaluable experience at SOPHiA GENETICS. Xiaobin will explain how signal amplification and noise suppression can increase the analytical performance of NGS applications. He will present examples of the strategies employed by SOPHiA DDM™ to accurately detect challenging variants important for specific applications from liquid biopsy to homologous recombination deficiency, and pharmacogenomics to RNA sequencing for fusion detection.  

Multiple in-house algorithms are deployed in SOPHiA DDM™ to universally detect challenging variants with high accuracy regardless of sample type, DNA extraction technique, library preparation technology, or sequencing platform. Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover the secrets of our proprietary methodologies for detecting challenging variants. Tune in now! 

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April 1, 2024 – April 1, 2024

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