MGI and SOPHiA GENETICS partner to provide solutions to interpret genomic data

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Published on 02/27/2020

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SAN JOSE, CA, Feb. 27, 2020 – MGI, part of the global genomics leader BGI Group, announced an agreement with SOPHiA GENETICS to provide MGI’s customers access to the SOPHiA Platform for data analysis and interpretation. By combining MGI’s DNBSEQ™ sequencing technology with SOPHiA’s Platform, MGI provides an effective solution for clinical researchers and further drives adoption of MGI’s genetic sequencers.

Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, MGI’s customers will have the ability to utilize SOPHiA to convert various assays already validated in the past onto DNBSEQ™ based sequencers. The SOPHiA Platform supports more than 250 genomic applications and over 1,000 healthcare institutions around the world.

 “MGI recognizes that analysis and interpretation of MPS data present challenges to researchers and clinicians, so we are excited to offer the bundled solution of our DNBSEQ™ sequencers with the sophisticated SOPHiA Platform. Our DNBSEQ™and CoolMPS technologies are not only highly accurate, affordable and sensitive, but also very versatile and easy to adapt to any existing library preparation methodologies. This will enable existing MPS users to use MGI DNBSEQ™ sequencers to advance their research and translational genomic goals,” said Dr. Hui Jiang, COO of MGI.

MGI customers will also benefit from the SOPHiA Set-Up Program to start up new assays or transfer their existing assays into DNBSEQ sequencing platforms. The program is designed to support the implementation of MPS-based testing for somatic and germline assays. The Set-Up Program is a robust process that establishes and demonstrates the analytical performance of a genomic application to save time, money and resources that can ultimately be translated to better patient care.

“We are proud that MGI is working with SOPHiA GENETICS to provide their customers with our universal platform to analyze genomic data produced from its sequencers,” said Kevin Puylaert, VP of Business Development at SOPHiA GENETICS. “This further supports essential access to highly accurate data that healthcare institutions require for reliable testing results. This is an additional effort on our mission to continuously democratize Data-Driven Medicine around the world.”

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