Your Clinical NGS Dry Lab

Integrated bioinformatics analysis, visualisation and banking of patient NGS data in a click of a mouse
Standardisation of the dry lab for higher quality and accuracy of NGS-based genetic testing
Universal, automated and fully validated pipelines for a large catalogue of panels of genes
Reducing the cost and overcoming the complexity of moving NGS into diagnostics

Bioinformatic Analysis

Quality Assurance


Data Banking

By standardising the dry lab we bring NGS-based genetic testing to the highest possible quality

Service overview

We offer an Integrated Clinical NGS Dry Lab Service available both for a catalogue of fully validated commercial panels of genes and for any in-house developed panels of genes


The dropGen Application

The Service is available through dropGenTM a secured web Application specifically tailored to the needs of clinical geneticists in charge of interpreting analysis results and writing their reports


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