"Ahead of its peers and fully compliant with stringent European Data Privacy Laws."
Professor Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Expert in data protection & information security
"Sophia Genetics' platform enables both the analysis and the secure storage of data generated by our NGS technology."
Dr. Pierre-Alain Menoud
Head of Molecular Diagnostics, Unilabs
"Increasing use of NGS testing in the clinic is inevitable. Sophia understands the clinical needs."
Dr. Anneke Seller
Oxford University Hospital
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What is Data Driven Medicine?

Advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and High Performance Computing (HPC) are enabling P4 medicine: personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory. This new era of medicine ensures every patient is well diagnosed and therapies are targeted. The first step of this journey is Clinical Genomics, putting accurate algorithms in use in labs and hospitals.

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Validate Your Lab

Accelerate routine use of next generation tests and analytics by joining our fast track program, leveraging Sophia's extensive quality system. Reduce your costs and complexity by leveraging our ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certifications and commercialized CE-IVD marked tests & analytics.

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European Privacy & Security

The right to privacy and protection of personal data is a highly developed area of law in Europe. Even fragments of genetic information can compromise privacy. In addition to EU privacy, governments require in-country accredited medical data centers.

Read about Sophia Genetics patent-pending approach for preserving the privacy of raw genomic data and our private clinical data centers.