Brains and superior algorithm, for the benefits of patients



Genomic privacy protection guaranteed



Highly accurate and reliable NGS data analysis

Service Overview

Integrated ISO 13485 certified Clinical NGS Dry Lab Service supporting all activities of the clinical NGS data analysis/informatics workflow. Superior algorithm with fully validated bioinformatic pipelines.


The dropGen™ Application

Our highly secured, easy-to-use web Application to access the Clinical NGS Dry Lab Service in a single integrated workflow is designed by clinicians for clinicians. We provide it in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.


Key Highlights


Standardisation of the Clinical NGS Dry Lab for higher quality and accuracy of routine NGS-based clinical diagnostics.


Integrated bioinformatic analysis, quality assurance, visualisation and banking of patient NGS data.

Specific pipelines

Superior algorithm with specific analysis pipelines for each combination of sample type, gene panel, DNA amplification or capture kit and sequencing platform.

Validated pipelines

Fully validated, automated analysis pipelines for both commercial and proprietary custom panels of genes on any NGS platform. CE/IVD marked analysis pipelines when appropriate.


A proven methodology to optimise, validate the analytical performance and put in production robust bioinformatic pipelines for usage in routine diagnostics.

Secure hosting

Privately hosted IT Infrastructure. Commitment to constantly provide processing power and storage capacity under a strict Service Level Agreement.


A single efficient workflow covering all activities of the Clinical NGS Dry Lab through the use of dropGen™, a secured web Application provided in SaaS mode (Software as a Service).


Sophia Genetics becomes the first European company to obtain CE-IVD mark for clinical use of Next Generation Sequencing bioinformatics pipeline for routine genetic testing

Shortly after receiving ISO 13485 accreditation, Sophia Genetics has become the first European company to obtain a CE-IVD mark for the clinical use of an Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) bioinformatic pipeline for routine genetic testing. This quality assurance certification represents an important step in raising the standards of routine genetic testing and clinical diagnosis, and brings Sophia Genetics’ world-leading Data Driven Medicine platform to a wider market.

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Dr. Pierre-Alain Menoud

Head of molecular diagnostics, Unilabs
For clinical use, we need to have confidence in the data. Sophia's strengths are in analysis, reporting and storage of NGS data.

Dr Veronique Barbu

Laboratoire Commun de Biologie et Génétique Moléculaires, CHU Paris Est - Hôpital Saint-Antoine
The team at Sophia Genetics are highly competent, very professional

Dr. med. Benno Röthlisberger

Head of Clinical Genetics Department, Kantonsspital Aarau
We rely on Sophia. I expect that we will use dropGen to analyze most, if not all, of our NGS clinical data.

Gianluigi Mascarino

CEO, Arrow Diagnostics Srl
Sophia's analytic platform helps clinical labs get running faster in NGS testing

Dr Anneke Seller

Director of Genetics Laboratories, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
Increasing use of NGS testing in the clinic is inevitable. Sophia understands the clinical needs. They are very professional and energetic