Sophia Genetics sets foot in Latam on its journey towards global democratisation of data-driven medicine

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Published on 10/11/2016

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  • DASA, the biggest medical diagnostics company in Brazil, taps on Sophia Genetics’ advanced technology to provide better and faster diagnostics to Latin America patients
  • DASA laboratories will use SOPHiA artificial intelligence to analyse patients’ genomics profiles and help clinicians formulate their diagnostics to decide on best care
  • Already present in 30 countries, Sophia Genetics’ expansion to LatAm is a new milestone in the company’s efforts to democratize Data-Driven Medicine worldwide
  • Sophia Genetics clinical genomics community rapidly expands as more clinicians from additional continents continue to gain access to its technologies to better diagnose patients          

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – 11 October 2016 – Sophia Genetics, the global leader in Data Driven Medicine (DDM), announced today that it has entered Latin America as the DASA network of laboratories in LatAm is adopting the company advanced analytical platform Sophia DDM® to facilitate and accelerate patients’ diagnosis, and the selection of appropriate treatments by clinicians. Under the agreement, SOPHiA, Sophia Genetics’ artificial intelligence, will analyse patients’ genomic profiles produced in DASA laboratories to spot pathogenic genetic variants responsible for diseases, and help advise clinicians on best care.

By gaining access to SOPHiA, LatAm clinicians working with DASA will directly benefit from a technology helping them to provide better and faster diagnostics to their patients. They will also have the tools to recommend the most appropriate treatment plans, based on the results of their patients’ genomic tests. As an initial step, DASA will entrust Sophia Genetics with all its so-called “BRCA” and “CFTR” tests, which are genomic tests performed to identify respectively genetic variants in breast cancer susceptibility genes, and related to cystic fibrosis.

DASA – Diagnosticos da America – is the largest medical diagnostic company in Latin America, 5th largest in the world, with 321 branches across Brazil catering for 55,000 patients daily and processing more than 10 million tests each month. It is CAP (College of American Pathologists) certified laboratory and provides more than 3000 types of clinical analyses and diagnostic imaging. Its network accounts more than 500 sample collection service units and 12 central laboratories across Brazil, where analyses are conducted for the LatAm continent. The agreement announced today means that the thousands of patients relying on DASA solutions to be diagnosed through their clinicians will now benefit from better and faster screening of their genomic profiles for pathogenic genetic variants.

Commenting on the importance of SOPHiA availability in LatAm, Pr Eduardo Levi, Consultor em Biologia Molecular, at DASA said “Partnering with Sophia Genetics came as a natural choice as we were looking to strengthen our solutions for molecular diagnostics on the continent. Based on the company success in other regions, and across the 180 members of its clinical genomic community, we knew it would be the best fit for our “BRCA” and “CFTR” tests. We are very happy that LatAm and LatAm patients are now able to join the Data-Driven medicine revolution thanks to Sophia Genetics.”

Sophia Genetics’ CEO and co-founder Jurgi Camblong added “Since its inception, Sophia Genetics’ mission has been to provide patients with access to Data Driven Medicine. With today’s agreement, we are doing just that as a whole new continent will now benefit from better and faster identification of genetic variants responsible for diseases. Moving forward, we will continue to expand our presence worldwide so that more clinicians can use our solutions and more patients can benefit from it. On our journey towards global democratisation of Data Driven Medicine we will also continue to broader our genomics community for molecular diagnostics as more hospitals and laboratories will use our artificial intelligence for molecular diagnosis solutions.”

Sophia Genetics’ clinical genomics community now spans across 31 countries worldwide and gathers 180 healthcare institutions, performing over 5’000 patients’ genomics profile analysis every month.

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