SOPHiA GENETICS ranked 30th in MIT Technology Review 2017 list of ‘50 smartest companies’

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Published on 06/28/2017

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SOPHiA GENETICS recognized as part of the 50 companies worldwide that best combine innovative technology with an effective business model

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, 28 June 2017: SOPHiA GENETICS, the global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, has been named on the MIT Technology Review 2017 list of ‘50 Smartest Companies’, which identifies 50 companies creating new opportunities by combining important technologies and business savvy. Ranked number 30, SOPHiA GENETICS is listed amongst global and innovative companies like Salesforce, Alibaba, IBM, GE or Tesla. The company was selected for being an “evangelist of Data-Driven Medicine, sorting through genomic information with AI to accelerate diagnosis in oncology, cardiology, and more”, and having “tested 106,000 patients to date” thanks to its artificial intelligence SOPHiA.

SOPHiA GENETICS uses AI to accelerate patients’ diagnosis and personalize care. SOPHiA analyses patients’ genomic profiles – once sequenced – and identifies genomic alterations behind patients’ diseases to provide actionable clinical insights to doctors. SOPHiA GENETICS’ unique approach lies in the hundreds of hospitals worldwide that use its analytical platform, thus ensuring that knowledge is scaled through network effects and that SOPHiA continues to learn iteratively as more genomic profiles are analyzed.

Founded in 2011, SOPHiA GENETICS has since then been at the forefront of standardizing genomic data analysis for clinical diagnostics. The company is currently enrolling 10 new healthcare institutions every month on its SOPHiA-powered analytics platform. In the summer 2016, the company began global expansion outside Europe, which resulted in the adoption of its AI by leading hospitals and healthcare institutions from Canada, Australia, Russia, and Latin America. Most recently, thanks to its accessibility, SOPHiA has also been deployed by hospitals from the African continent, further democratizing patients’ access to the most advanced technology for genomics.

In just 3 years, SOPHiA GENETICS scaled its model and SOPHiA is now used by 305 hospitals worldwide. Around 110.000 patients have been tested to date, making SOPHiA the technology of choice for clinicians analyzing patients’ genomic profiles. The company’s goal is to cross the threshold of 1 million patients’ tested by 2020. The company now employs 130 staff working across the world. It has raised over 33mio USD in funding from some of the most successful entrepreneurs such as Mike Lynch and Mark Coucke.

Experiencing a 300% growth year-on-year, SOPHiA GENETICS has established itself as the de facto global leader in Data-Driven Medicine. By enabling the rapid adoption of genomic testing worldwide, turning data into actionable insights, and sharing knowledge through its community, SOPHiA GENETICS has triggered a wave of democratization of Data-Driven Medicine worldwide, empowering hospitals across the globe to embrace the genomics revolution. SOPHiA allows any hospital, no matter its experience in genomics, to get up to speed and analyze genomic data to identify disease-causing variants and match them with the most effective drugs that can be used to treat patients.

“To be named on the MIT Technology Review 2017 global list of ‘50 Smartest Companies’ is a testament to the global movement of Data-Driven Medicine democratization we are spearheading”, commented Dr. Jurgi Camblong, SOPHiA GENETICS’ CEO and co-founder. “SOPHiA GENETICS is constantly improving its technology and operations with the goal to make actionable clinical information accessible to all. Our recognition as part of the MIT Technology Review ‘50 Smartest Companies’ 2017 global list further exemplifies the company’s growth and momentum to date. SOPHiA is now clinicians’ technology of choice to address the challenges of analyzing the tsunami of genomics data generated by the modern clinical workflow. By bringing down this barrier, SOPHiA allows hospitals worldwide to embrace the clinical genomics revolution, to the ultimate benefits of patients.”

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