SOPHiA GENETICS’ first multimodal approach to predict COVID-19 disease evolution

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Published on 08/06/2020

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New solution to remove some of the current unknowns about the virus

Boston & Lausanne, Switzerland, August 6th, 2020:

SOPHiA GENETICS, leader in Data-Driven Medicine, launches a first-of-its-kind multimodal solution to predict COVID-19 disease evolution, opening new dimensions of insight into the fight against the worldwide pandemic.

This advancement goes beyond genomics, analyzing a wider spectrum of data to support researchers’ efforts to understand and fight the disease. SOPHiA’s unique multimodal approach aims to support containment efforts globally by demonstrating immediate benefits for community contact tracing and essential viral monitoring research. This important analysis can support paths to new protective measures and outbreak protocols around the world.

Detecting the disease and predicting its course and outcomes both continue to be major challenges for optimal COVID-19 management. There are a number of variables that can be linked to the likely disease evolution including viral strain, host genetic response factors, and clinical management of cases. By harnessing a combination of these data sources, SOPHiA GENETICS uncovers new actionable knowledge.

As part of the multimodal approach, SOPHiA GENETICS has built an AI-powered solution to conduct full-genome analysis of SARS-CoV-2. It can compare insights from the viral genomic data with human “host” genetic information. In addition, the new SOPHiA Radiomics for COVID-19 offers a CT-based automated workflow for whole-lung segmentation and disease quantification. With an easy to use interface, radiomic features are extracted from lung abnormalities and well-aerated areas. Our unique machine learning is applied to more easily discover abnormalities predictive of disease evolution and leverage upon multimodal research data sets.

“Controlling this virus means understanding it at new levels that go beyond simple testing. The evolution of the disease must be predicted in order to create containment measures. We can do this by building a world map of longitudinal tracking, beginning with highly accurate and reliable virus data, further powered by radiomic data,” said Jurgi Camblong, SOPHiA GENETICS’ Founder and CEO. “The global SOPHiA community of 1,000 plus hospitals builds upon these efforts in real time to help researchers gain medical knowledge related to COVID-19.”

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