Sophia Genetics and multiplicom partner to accelerate adoption of next-generation sequencing (NGS) in routine clinical diagnostics

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Published on 05/19/2016

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  • Sophia Genetics and Multiplicom offer hospitals and private laboratories ready-to-use bundled solutions of Multiplicom molecular diagnostic kits and the Sophia DDM® genomics platform to accelerate their adoption of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in routine clinical diagnostics in Germany and Austria
  • The partnership will be announced at the 100th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Pathology organised on 19-21 May in Berlin, Germany, and the solutions are immediately available
  • Both Sophia Genetics and Multiplicom customers will benefit from these solutions, as will their patients

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – NIEL, Belgium, 19th May 2016 – Sophia Genetics and Multiplicom today announce a partnership to accelerate the adoption of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in routine clinical diagnostics by combining their analytics platform and molecular diagnostic kits to offer ready to use bundle solutions for hospitals and laboratories. The combined solutions will be distributed by Sophia Genetics in Germany and Austria to help laboratories and hospitals transition to NGS and provide their patients with faster, easier and more accurate results in routine clinical diagnostics.

Jurgi Camblong, CEO and founder of Sophia Genetics, explained “We can now offer hospitals and laboratories a streamlined solution for molecular diagnostics, and thereby accelerate the adoption of Next-Generation Sequencing in routine clinical diagnostics. Thanks to these new combined offers, hospitals and laboratories benefit from improved turnaround time for sample processing and a top analytical performance system through Sophia DDM®, the world’s largest clinical genomics community for molecular diagnostics.”

Until now, the process of transitioning to NGS entailed many steps, often preventing hospitals and laboratories to evolve from previous techniques for DNA sequencing and analysis to the use of NGS for routine clinical diagnosis. By joining forces, Sophia Genetics and Multiplicom ease and improve this process, and help hospitals and laboratories to swiftly make the shift and adopt the best diagnostic tools to provide more accurate diagnosis and subsequent tailored treatments to their patients.

Dirk Pollet, CEO of Multiplicom, added “Our molecular diagnostic kits based on our proven MASTR technology are essential to providing patients with access to effective, affordable and personalized medicine. This partnership further underpins our commitment to provide accurate information to physicians and patients that improves quality of life and treatment outcome”.

Thanks to the partnership, hospitals and laboratories using Multiplicom kits gain access to the Sophia DDM® advanced analytics platform to transition to routine clinical NGS.

The ready to use bundled solutions for molecular diagnostics from Sophia Genetics and Multiplicom will focus on solid tumours, and will be immediately available to hospitals and private laboratories in Germany and Austria after the 100th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Pathology organised on 19-21 May in Berlin, Germany, where details of the partnership will be revealed. 

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