Mexico embraces the clinical genomics movement with six institutions now using Sophia AI

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Published on 10/11/2017

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Mexico City, 11th October 2017: SOPHiA GENETICS, global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, today announced that six leading healthcare institutions from across Mexico have joined the company’s community by adopting SOPHiA artificial intelligence, which provides affordable, reliable and more effective clinical genomics solutions for cancer and congenital disorders.

Mexico has a long history in human genetics, and was one of the early adopters of genomics research in the region. While Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) testing capabilities have been established persisting challenges include the analysis of the complex data that they generate, and making this technology easily and equally accessible across the country. This is how SOPHiA GENETICS is making a meaningful contribution, supporting and accelerating the adoption of genomics testing in Mexico. The company’s solutions are tailored to the individual needs of hospitals or laboratories regardless of whether they have NGS testing capabilities or not.

By adopting SOPHiA artificial intelligence for their clinical genomics analysis, these Mexican institutions (listed below) join the world’s largest clinical genomics community. Through the company’s Software-as-a-Service platform, SOPHiA DDM, clinicians are connected to a network of over 360 hospitals across 55 countries. The platform enables clinicians and researchers to make sense of genomics data to better and faster diagnose and treat patients.

“Since inception, our vision has been to develop innovative technological solutions to help patients, equally wherever they live. SOPHiA acts as a real disruptor by breaking down the information silos in healthcare, meaning that the information from a patient in London can for instance help better diagnose and treat a patient in Mexico City.” 
– Dr. Jurgi Camblong, CEO and Co-Founder of SOPHiA GENETICS

The following Mexican healthcare institutions have recently committed to using SOPHiA AI:

  • Servicios Genómicos (un spin-off del INMEGEN)
  • El Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias y su Centro de Investigación en Enfermedades Infecciosas (INER)
  • La red del Hospital Christus Mugerza (11 centros)
  • Total Quality Medicine
  • Genos Medica
  • Milenia Labs

Below are two example from the list above that illustrate how SOPHiA GENETICS supports its new partners in Mexico:

Servicios Genomicos

“SOPHiA is the most advanced technology for clinical genomics available. We can now confidently detect genomic alterations related to myeloid malignancies and rare congenital disorders. With these solutions, we expect to provide better guidance towards individualized treatments through consistent high quality and reliable data.”
– Dra. Alaez, director del Laboratorio de Servicios Genómicos

The National Institute of Respiratory Diseases & its Research Center for Infectious Diseases

“For us the fact that SOPHiA GENETICS provides a fast and reliable solution that guarantees clinical grade standards for NGS was key in our decision to work with them. Our collaborating will significantly accelerate our turnaround time for genomic analysis.” – Dr. Santiago Ávila, investigador en Ciencias Médicas, CIENI, INER

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