Game changing partnership between Sophia genetics and Genycell biotech to dramatically expand patients’ access to genetic diagnosis in the Iberian peninsula

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Published on 07/29/2015

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  • Sophia Genetics and Genycell Biotech announce a game changing partnership in the Iberian Peninsula
  • 20 leading public Spanish and Portuguese healthcare client institutions of Genycell Biotech will benefit from Sophia Genetics’ advanced technology
  • The partnership will lead to better and faster diagnosis of thousands of Spanish and Portuguese patients suffering from genomics disorders (congenital and cancers)
  • Strategic association paving the way for cancer care transformation in the Iberian Peninsula and a region shift towards personalised medicine

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, 29 July 2015 – Sophia Genetics, the European leader in Data Driven Medicine and Genycell Biotech, main technology supplier of clinical DNA Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) products in Spain and Portugal, announced today a game changing partnership. Starting July 2015, leading public Spanish and Portuguese healthcare client institutions of Genycell Biotech will benefit from Sophia Genetics Data Driven Medicine technology (Sophia DDM™). Thanks to this alliance Genycell Biotech’s customers will leverage Sophia DDM™ to better diagnose and ultimately treat thousands of Spanish and Portuguese patients suffering from cancers and congenital diseases every year.

Speaking about this strategic partnership, Jurgi Camblong, CEO and co-founder of Sophia Genetics explained “The Iberian Peninsula is currently an exciting place for Sophia Genetics. Almost two weeks ago we signed three new client institutions. At that time, I stated that we expected other Spanish and Portuguese public and private genetic laboratories to use our solution to perform fast and accurate clinical interpretation of genomic mutations. Thanks to today’s partnership with Genycell Biotech, we should see additional Spanish and Portuguese hospitals soon performing NGS based diagnosis for improving care for thousands of patients every year”.

Javier Martin, CEO and founder of Genycell Biotech commented “Over the past years, Sophia Genetics emerged as the best partner in Europe for molecular information analysis. Several public Spanish healthcare institutions we work with expressed the wish to benefit from Sophia’s ability to give them the most accurate, speedy and cost-effective means of providing genomic analysis. We are confident we are offering with Sophia the best genomic alterations analysis solution to all our trusted healthcare partners.”

Currently the only solution on the European market ISO certified for medical devices and data security, the Sophia DDM™ platform uses the most sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to diagnose patients faster and more accurately for cancers and inherited conditions, such as cardiomyopathies or cystic fibrosis.

Professor Miguel Angel Moreno-Pelayo, Head of Genetics at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal and Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Raras, in Madrid, Spain, explained “The Sophia Genetics/Genycell Biotech global NGS solution will allow us to look into and validate certain gene panels faster and with greater confidence than on our own. Sophia data analysis and process validation enable us to explore a wider range of NGS diagnostic applications. With such advanced and cost-effective DNA sequences analysis technology, clinicians are unlocking a new era of personalised medicine where patients can be diagnosed faster and more accurately.”

Dr. Eduardo Tizzano, Head of Clinical and Molecular Genetics Department, Rare disease Unit at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Spain added “Collaboration with Sophia Genetics/Genycell Biotech NGS solution is a great opportunity to improve data analysis and process validation of DNA deep sequencing studies. In the near future, we expect to achieve more efficiency and offer a more precise medicine to patients thanks to cost effective sequencing technologies “.

In Spain for instance, some 150 clinical laboratories perform genetic tests, but only 60% have adopted the NGS technology. The game changing partnership between Sophia Genetics and Genycell Biotech should dramatically expand patients’ access to genetic diagnosis in Spain and ultimately lead to considerable growth in the 15.000 tests already being performed in the country.

About Genycell Biotech

Genycell Biotech is a private company founded in Spain in 2001 to market innovative products and services for life science, research, human genetics and diagnostics. As a whole solution provider, Genycell Biotech offers a wide range of high-quality research reagents as well as cutting-edge technologies in the fields of genomics, NGS applications, cell biology, molecular biology, cytogenetics and tissue-related applications of 3D models. The products and services provided have been developed by partners in Germany, UK, Belgium, Holland, Italy and the US. They are available through Genycell Biotech for researchers in academia and diagnostics as well as in pharmacy & biotech industry by an application and customer oriented approach. Moreover, Genycell Biotech is aiming the co-development of new products based on innovations generated by our R&D department in Spain and marketed by Genycell Biotech. Genycell Biotech is continuously striving to complement its product portfolio with novel products and technologies. Genycell Biotech is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. A comprehensive overview can be found at

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