SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions

Expanding NGS testing availability through increased access to highly accurate analytics 

Powerful insights without the setup cost

Democratizing data driven medicine relies on the increased availability of NGS testing. However, the startup costs of building and staffing a sequencing lab can be prohibitive for many institutions. This is often a barrier to leveraging the meaningful insights captured in genomic profiles and analysis. With SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions even growing institutions can gain access to a global network of sequencing labs while retaining data ownership. Samples are shipped to our sequencing partners and then data is uploaded directly to you in our advanced data analytics platform, SOPHiA DDM™.

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Greater access to genomic data

SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions provides institutions with access to a global network of sequencing labs through our strategic partnerships. Our trained staff will help you find the right partner to fit your sequencing needs.

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Highlights of the SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions

Accurate Analysis

Proprietary analytical solutions and machine learning algorithms generate reliable high quality data and report relevant variants

Improve Genomic Expertise

Enhance your institutions capabilities with genomic data and contribute to the advancement of genomic discovery

Retain Data Ownership

Data is stored securely in the SOPHiA DDM™ platform and remains accessible to you for aggregated modeling or fresh insights as needed

Break Data Silos

Extract valuable information from across your institution’s complete dataset to better understand local population health and disorders

SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions Partner Labs
support the expansion of NGS testing to more parts of the world

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