RSNA 2021

SOPHiA GENETICS is excited to be a part of the Radiological Society of North America 2021 annual meeting, held in person in Chicago, IL, from November 28th to December 2nd.

You will have the chance to chat with our experts at our booth # 4854 and schedule a demo of the universal SOPHiA DDM™ platform. Check out our agenda below to stay up to date on our RSNA presence!

AI Showcase: Leveraging AI to guide the path towards Data-Driven Medicine

Location: AI Theater, South Hall
Date/Time: November 30th at 3:pm CST

The field of precision medicine is rapidly advancing throughout oncology. Within radiology, radiomics – the high-throughput extraction of imaging biomarker data from medical images – has provided novel oncology insights and has shown great promise to improve care. However, radiomics alone can’t provide all the answers. Clinical decisions involve expertise spanning a variety of disciplines. The next generation of decision-making support will reflect this diversity and require the integration of cross-disciplinary data. Efficiently combining this information is critical to understand predictive biomarkers, improve clinical decision-making, and guide clinical trials.  

The analytical power of artificial intelligence enables the development of novel insights through the combination of multimodal data. Spanning more than just different imaging modalities, this data includes: Radiomics, Genomics, Clinical information, and more.  

Join us to discover our ongoing research to develop and facilitate multimodal investigations and develop predictive models. These studies rely on the use of AI to aid data standardization across multicentric studies, integrate complex datasets, and derive novel insights. Our streamlined workflows leverage patented algorithms to aid image segmentation, radiomics feature calculation, and knowledge sharing. As a global community, we can help inform the best course of action for genomic profiles and research in oncology. Whether your research is looking to detect disorder, discriminate among histological subtypes, or predict tumor evolution or disorder progression, our deep experience and patented algorithms generate comprehensive data interpretation and a ready-to-publish report.


Jeff Guadet, PhD, Subject Matter Expert, SOPHiA GENETICS

Corporatate Symposum: Advancing data-driven medicine: unlocking the potential of multimodal digital health data sets by combining longitudinal radiomics and genomics data with AI-powered analytics: SOPHiA GENETICS and GE Healthcare 

Location: South Building, Level 1, Room S101 
Date/Time: 9:30am on December 1st  

The last decade has seen a dual revolution in healthcare: an explosion in the generation of health data in digital format coupled to the emergence of new technology recipes such as artificial intelligence that enable the analysis of large data sets at scale. For example, next-generation sequencing technologies have enabled scientists to make significant advances in understanding the relationship between genomic profiles and various diseases, notably in oncology. 

While genomics is fundamental to the understanding of health and disease states, it is only one piece of the biological equation. Phenotypic information is also needed to put genomic information into context and provide a more complete picture of biology and disease. Recent innovations in radiomics technologies allow to turn medical images from various sources such as CT, MRI, and PET scans into data, providing this crucial phenotypic context.

Combining longitudinal data from different data modalities, or a multimodal approach, could transform clinical and scientific outcomes by generating clinically actionable insights from combined relevant healthcare data sets. Indeed, if leveraged properly, these data sets have the potential to provide a stronger “signal”, or window into biology and disease, than any single modality alone. 

The combination of longitudinal radiomics and genomics data, coupled to clinical outcomes data and machine learning analytical approaches, could thus pave the way towards truly personalized medicine and potentially lead to next-generation precision diagnostics and personalized treatment approaches. 

This session will reflect on recent advances in multimodal clinical research and the role of the radiologist in this healthcare revolution.


Dr. Philippe Menu, MD-PhD, MBA – Chief Medical Officer, SOPHiA GENETICS 
Prof. Dr. Mathias Goyen, MD – Chief Medical Officer EMEA, GE Healthcare 
Prof. Evis Sala, Professor of Oncological Imaging – University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. 
Prof. Francois Cornelis, Interventional Radiologist specialized in Oncology, MSKCC

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November 28, 2021 – December 2, 2021

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North America

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