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Join us for an exclusive event at the NASDAQ Headquarters to shape the future of AI in precision oncology​

Precision oncology benefits from a wide array of data modalities, including genomics, clinical information, imaging data, pathological findings, and real-world evidence. Integrating and analyzing these diverse datasets enables a holistic understanding of cancer biology, enhances treatment decision-making, supports the development of novel therapies, and ultimately leads to improved outcomes for cancer patients.

Join us in the exclusive Nasdaq venue to learn how knowledge sharing and collaborations are shaping the future of precision oncology. Our speakers will present how we can collectively collaborate to build large-scale datasets and comprehensive repositories of cancer-related information. They will show how those data repositories and initiatives serve as invaluable resources for ongoing research, allowing scientists to validate findings, refine treatment strategies, and continually enhance our understanding of cancer biology.

About the Event


AI-driven Precision Oncology Summit


NASDAQ World Headquarters, Times Square, NY


Sept 26 2023


10am- 2pm (EST)


10 am


10:30 am

Democratizing Data-Driven Medicine, Together |

SOPHiA GENETICS (Peter Casasanto, Senior VP / Chief BioPharma Officer)

10:45 am

Access to Precision Oncology with Decentralized MSK Solutions |

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Michael F. Berger, PhD, Chief, Clinical
Computational Diagnostics, Department of Pathology, MSK)

11:15 am

Opportunities and Challenges with AI in Healthcare I

Microsoft (David Rhew, MD, Chief Medical Officer & VP Healthcare)

11:45 am

The Impact of AI in Precision Oncology (Panel Discussion)

Moderator: Peter Casasanto, Senior VP / Chief BioPharma Officer

Pedram Razavi, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist, Director of Liquid Biopsy Technologies & Genomics, MSK

Tom Mikkelsen, MD, Medical Director, Precision Medicine Program & Clinical Trials, Henry Ford Health

Ashita Batavia, MD, Head of Hematology & Oncology Data Sciences, R&D, Janssen

Sunil Verma, MD, SVP, Global Head of Oncology, Medical, AstraZeneca

David Rhew, MD, Chief Medical Officer & VP Healthcare, Microsoft

12:30 pm

Closing remarks |

SOPHiA GENETICS (Kenneth Freedman, Senior VP / Chief Revenue Officer)

12:40 pm

Networking Lunch

4:00 pm

Nasdaq Stock Market Bell Ceremony

Why attend?

Discovering the potential of Al for Precision Oncology

Explore multimodality and artificial intelligence in the era of accelerating access to precision oncology. 

Decentralizing Liquid Biopsy and CGP Analysis

Find out about how SOPHIA GENETICS and MSKCC are collaborating on decentralising MSK ACCESS® and MSK IMPACT ®. 

Advancing Precision Oncology with Data-Driven Insight

Discuss how we can collaborate to build large-scale datasets and comprehensive repositories of cancer-related information.

Advantage of the Networking Environment

Take advantage of the networking environment at the NASDAQ Headquarters, with industry leaders and a clinical audience from renowned AMC’s.

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Join us in the exclusive Nasdaq Headquarters

Please reserve your spot to our invitation only event  “AI-Driven Precision Oncology Summit” and register here, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all event information.