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We can’t wait to meet you at booth #348, June 1-3. Meet our team to learn how SOPHiA GENETICS can help turn complex genetic data into life-changing insights.

We will also be hosting a talk on Monday, June 3 from 8:30-10:00 am. Don’t miss it!

Breaking Boundaries: Unveiling New SOPHiA DDM™ Capabilities for Genomic Advancement

The era of precision medicine has arrived. Let’s continue the momentum.

As our understanding of genomics evolves, personalized healthcare and treatment strategies are becoming a reality across the spectrum of hereditary disorders – from cancer, to psychiatric conditions, rare diseases, and everything in between.

Join our panel of experts to discover how our new and enhanced NGS applications are working in synergy with the expanded capabilities of our web-based SOPHiA DDM™ Platform to break boundaries for genomic advancement. From hereditary cancer to pharmacogenomics and WGS, we have a jam-packed agenda that showcases how SOPHiA DDM™ overcomes variant analysis challenges to resolve hard-to-capture variants of uncertain significance in clinical practice.

Join us to hear how our esteemed speakers are utilizing SOPHiA DDM™ to make precision medicine a reality:

SOPHiA DDM™ Hereditary Cancer Solution v2.0: The ultimate NGS application for characterizing genetic variants predisposing to cancer
Matteo Dal Molin, Medical Genetics Lab, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

Unlocking precision medicine through high-throughput sequencing in pharmacogenetics - RNPGx experience
Nicolas Picard, Professor of pharmacology, President of RNPGx, Limoges University, France

Accelerated Omics with NVIDIA
Harry Clifford, Genomics Product Lead, NVIDIA, Cambridge, UK

An introduction to the SOPHiA DDM™️ Whole Genome Sequencing Analytical Pipeline
Ximena Bonilla Bustillo, Head of Tertiary Analysis, SOPHiA GENETICS, Rolle, Switzerland

Disclaimer notice:

The term SOPHIA used by the speaker refers to SOPHiA GENETICS and its products.
The opinions expressed during this presentation are those of the speaker and may not represent the opinions of SOPHiA GENETICS. SOPHiA GENETICS does not provide support in the validation of custom products for clinical use. SOPHiA GENETICS products are for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures unless specified otherwise. Information about products that may or may not be available in different countries and if applicable, may or may not have received approval or market clearance by a governmental regulatory body for different indications for use. Please contact us at[email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence.

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June 1, 2024 – June 3, 2024

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Exomes, Genomics, Hereditary Disorders, Alamut

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