SOPHiA DDM™ for Blood Cancers

Science evolves, our solutions adapt
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SOPHiA DDM™ for Blood Cancers

Science evolves, our solutions adapt
More than 1.2 million people worldwide were diagnosed with blood cancer in 2020.1 Accurately identifying molecular alterations within the extensively heterogeneous landscape of blood cancer disorders can contribute to improved prognosis and disease management.

Genetic testing using molecular profiling by NGS methodology has introduced a paradigm shift in investigating pathogenic variants causing different blood cancer disorders. To date, the rapidly evolving international guidelines call for a need to assess the variants associated with these malignancies in a sensitive and reproducible manner.

Our comprehensive portfolio offers a range of ready-to-use solutions that enable precise characterization of blood cancer driver genes by targeting relevant DNA variants and RNA fusion genes from blood or bone marrow samples.
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SOPHiA GENETICS solutions accelerate and streamline the analyses of blood cancers.

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Myeloid Solution

Characterize key biomarkers with our comprehensive research application covering 30 genes implicated in hematological malignancies.

Myeloid Plus Solution

Consolidate detection of relevant cancer-driver genes using the same gene panel as Myeloid Solution and 119 RNA-based fusions.

Extended Myeloid Solution

Evaluate molecular alterations in the 98 genes known to be associated with myeloid diseases, in addition to the key biomarkers present in Myeloid Solution.
Quotation Marks
We were able to remove recurring artifacts and PCR errors; the solution correctly called Indels and large deletions, which were incorrectly identified by a previous pipeline; and we gained the ability to detect large insertions in FLT3 without using additional tools. This made the move a no-brainer.
Olena Kis, PhD
Associate Director, Molecular Pathology

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