The universal platform accelerating assessment of somatic genomic alterations

SOPHiA platform is the technology of choice for streamlined genomic data analysis, interpretation and reporting in the context of oncology. It enables advanced analytical performance and facilitates the visualization of genomic alterations associated with solid tumors and hematological malignancies. The platform helps experts focus on relevant and actionable genomic alterations to make more informed decisions.


Turn data into actionable insights

Compiling a comprehensive list of genomic alterations, scanning through all the variants, and summarizing key implications is complex and time-consuming. One main difficulty lies in distinguishing relevant genomic alterations with actionable, diagnostic and prognostic value from all the others.

SOPHiA platform offers several features and decision support functionalities for efficient and simplified variant assessment and visualization. Experts can filter down and report relevant candidates associated with a specific type of cancer.

In addition, experts can benefit from Alamut® software, a comprehensive solution to dive deep into genomic variants and handle complex genomic interpretation cases.

Achieve advanced analytical performance

SOPHiA, the AI democratizing Data-Driven Medicine, detects, annotates and pre-classifies all types of genomic variants such as SNVs, Indels, CNVs, gene amplifications and fusions, in one single analysis.

Ensure data security

Access to SOPHiA platform is restricted to registered users only. All data is encrypted and stored at rest with replication across geographically distinct and secure data centers.

Access SOPHiA’s Community

Through SOPHiA platform, experts from hundreds of healthcare institutions interpret the results and flag the pathogenicity level of variants according to their knowledge and experience. This highly valuable information feeds the variant knowledge base and is anonymously and safely shared among the members of the community.

From targeted to extended applications

All types of variants detected in a single experiment

No bioinformatics expertise needed

A fast, easy and intuitive workflow for advanced secondary and tertiary analysis

SOPHiA platform offers a fully integrated workflow. It allows experts to manage genomic data and efficiently explore, characterize and report relevant genomic alterations associated with solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

The platform offers several features that make variant analysis more efficient, such as the hotspot screening feature which eases the visualization of mutated and wild type hotspot positions. With variant pre-classification, experts can easily accelerate the data interpretation process.

SOPHiA platform also integrates the OncoPortal, a decision support functionality based on precision medicine intelligence. It enables experts to access relevant therapeutic, prognostic and diagnostic databases to determine the actionability and significance of genomic alterations. Moreover, the OncoPortal uses inclusion and exclusion criteria to maximize clinical trial matching, both locally and at the global level.

SOPHiA AI accurately detects and characterizes all types of genomic variants from FASTQ to VCF  
MSI status
Gene Amplifications
Gene Fusions
  • Secure Login
  • Quick and simple data upload
  • Disease selection
  • Visualization of hotspot screening
  • Customized filtering options
  • Visualization of pre-classified variants
  • Access to relevant information*
  • Report generation

This is an example of a typical workflow. Some users may require fewer steps.
*including the access to actionable, diagnostic and prognostic information as well as clinical trials

Integrated features for efficient variant interpretation and reporting

Preview the major hotspot positions present in the tumor.

Variant pre-classification
Visualize an overview of major SNVs and Indels pre-classified by SOPHiA by level of pathogenicity.

Access actionable, diagnostic and prognostic information as well as clinical trials.

Somatic Variant Report
Generate a fully customizable somatic report with actionable genomic alterations.


• End-to-end workflow for reduced turnaround time

• Efficient assessment of complex variants associated with solid tumors and hematological malignancies

• Focus on actionable and relevant genomic alterations