The universal platform accelerating assessment of somatic genomic alterations

SOPHiA DDM is the platform of choice for experts performing routine diagnostic testing worldwide. Powered by SOPHiA AI, the platform guarantees clinical-grade analytical performance and helps experts quickly and accurately identify actionable mutations. SOPHiA DDM integrates decision support functionalities for experts analyzing cancer genomic profiles, providing beneficial therapies, diagnostic, and prognostic information and identifying relevant clinical trials, thus optimizing personalized treatments.


Ensuring clinical-grade analytical performance

SOPHiA DDM integrates SOPHiA, the AI democratizing Data-Driven Medicine, that detects, annotates and pre-classifies all types of genomic variants (SNVs, Indels, amplifications and fusions) in one unique experiment.

Access to SOPHiA’s community

In SOPHiA DDM, experts from hundreds of healthcare institutions interpret the results and flag the variants with the appropriate level of pathogenicity. This highly valuable information feeds the variant knowledge base and is anonymously and safely shared among the members of the community.

Keeping data safe and secure

Access to SOPHiA DDM is restricted to registered users only. All data is encrypted and stored at rest with replication across geographically separated and secure data centers.

Offer complete variant annotation and intuitive visualization

SOPHiA DDM pulls information from a broad range of databases allowing comprehensive annotation and visualization of genomic variants.

In addition, experts can benefit from Alamut® Software, a comprehensive solution to dive deep into genomic variants and handle complex genomic interpretation cases.

From small panels to exomes

All types of variants in a single experiment

No bioinformatics expertise needed

A fast, easy and intuitive workflow

The SOPHiA DDM platform for Oncology enables experts to explore, interpret and report relevant genomic alterations. Its hotspot screening eases the visualization of mutated and wild type positions.

Hotspot screening can also be customized to give more flexibility to users. With pre-classified variants and customized variant filtering options, experts can easily accelerate the data interpretation process.

  • Secure Login
  • Quick and simple data upload
  • Visualization of hotspot screening
  • Customized variant filtering options
  • Visualization of pre-classified variants
  • Access to actionable information
  • Report generation

The SOPHiA DDM platform for Oncology integrates the OncoPortal™, a decision support functionality for experts who analyze cancer genomic profiles. Based on precision medicine intelligence, SOPHiA matches genomic alterations with curated databases of evidence-based associations. Such associations encompass a combination of genomic alterations, cancer types and therapies. This information highlights the significance and actionability of the tumor profile within the same and in other tumor entities. It also uses inclusion and exclusion criteria to identify clinical trials, both locally and at the global level.


• Focus on relevant & actionable genomic alterations
• Increase diagnostic yield
• Maximize treatment options and quick generation of somatic variant reports

List of abbreviations:
LC: Lung Cancer / GIST: Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors / CRC: Colorectal Cancer / GBM: Glioblastoma Multiform