Download SOPHiA DDM

SOPHiA DDM® is the platform of choice for clinicians performing routine diagnostic testing. It integrates features facilitating variants visualization and interpretation while assuring protection of clinical genomic data. This platform reduces the complexity of determining the pathogenicity of genomic variants analyzed by SOPHiA AI. It helps hospitals better and faster diagnose patients in the five following areas: Oncology, Metabolism, Pediatrics, Cardiology and Hereditary cancers.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
MacOSX 10.0 or later

Internet Connection

> 10 Mb/s internet connection
You can test your connection to
our servers here:


200MB disk space for the
installation , 4GB RAM or greater


Error Message

If you receive the following error message when running SOPHiA DDM

Still The program can’t start because ‘XXX’ is not installed on your machine

please download and install the following updates:

Windows Installer – 64bit

Windows Installer – 32bit

If you see DDM Report Summary with one or more failed reports when running SOPHiA DDM

Please verify that you are connected to the internet and verify the following:

Configure your proxy

SOPHiA DDM will try to detect automatically your proxy configuration based on the computer’s network settings. Unfortunately, some proxies cannot be properly identified and you might encounter problems connecting. If this happens, you can define the proxy configuration and force SOPHiA DDM to use it.

To manually configure your proxy, create a file in C:\Users\userfolder\.dg-cache\proxyCfg.txt with the following text:


If the proxy requires authentication, the user will be prompted upon startup to introduce the credentials.

If you need further assistance, contact our support team at support(at)

Configure your firewall

Your IT department should update the rules to open access to two of our servers.

For France and Belgium:

For the rest of the world: