The greatest minds in biotechnology and machine learning are at work at SOPHiA GENETICS, continuously honing our algorithms, offers and services for the benefit of doctors and their patients. About 80% of our organization holds a PhD, ranging anywhere from Cell Biology to Computer Science. This international and dedicated team is the key to our current success and is the promise of an even greater future ahead for us and the world of genomics.

Jurgi Camblong

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder  

Dr. Jurgi Camblong is a visionary entrepreneur who is pioneering the Data-Driven Medicine movement around the world. He is a Molecular Biologist (published in Cell, Science & Nature), has a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Geneva, and an EMBA in Management of Technology from EPFL/HEC Lausanne. In 2011, he founded SOPHiA GENETICS with Dr. Pierre Hutter and Prof. Lars Steinmetz, and has since successfully been leading the development of the company, listed by the MIT Technology Review amongst the 50 smartest companies in 2017. Dr. Camblong is a member of the Advisory Council on Digital Transformation to the Swiss Federal Government, and was personally recognized by EY as Emergent Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.  

Gioia Althoff

SVP - Genomics Business Area

Gioia Althoff’s entrepreneurial spirit and analytical skills have helped to accelerate the adoption of SOPHiA GENETICS’ AI for clinical genomics ever since she joined the company in 2014. She effectively managed the mature central European markets as a Business Development Manager. Her proven track record led her to subsequently supervise the executive genomic business unit since 2018. She obtained her Docterate in Neuropathology at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg in Germany and her Master’s degree in Physiology and Neurosciences at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg in France. She built her business acumen by founding a successful family business and obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Biotech, Medtech and the Pharmaceutical Industry at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Thierry Collin

SVP - Radiomics Business Area

After several internships at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, Thierry Colin defended his PhD in Paris in Applied Mathematics. He then moved to Bordeaux, where he became a University Professor. He established a research team at INRIA Bordeaux working on Mathematical Modelling in oncology in collaboration with the university hospital and with the Institut Bergonié, one of the leading institutions in France in the fight against cancer. The team has produced innovative methods which allow us to make accurate predictions on tumor growth and enable us to track and how patients respond to treatment, using medical imaging and genomic data. During this time Dr. Colin oversaw the research of 25 PhD students. Furthermore, he authored more than 150 scientific papers and was invited by professors from more than 25 university around the world. 

He joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2018 in order to develop Radiomics applications and coupling them with genomics in order to develop more comprehensive solutions for Data-Driven Medicine.

Esteban Czwan

SVP - Clinical Trials Business Area   

Esteban Czwan is a dynamic business executive experienced in Business Development, Product Management, and Customer Support. Before joining SOPHiA GENETICS in 2015, Esteban worked for Roche Diagnostics where he was responsible for next-generation sequencing support and third-party analytical solutions. Esteban did his doctoral work at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg developing predictive models of tumor progression and therapy response. Esteban obtained his master’s degree in Bioinformatics from Cardiff University and his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Damien Lapray

SVP - Chief Commercial Officer   

Dr. Damien Lapray joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2014 as Sales and Business Development Manager of the Nordics. He then served as VP Sales. During that time, he successfully developed SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Diagnostic Solutions from scratch to help institutions not equipped with a NGS platform benefit from this technology. In September 2016 Damien Lapray was appointed Chief Commercial Officer to lead the whole sales department. Prior to joining SOPHiA GENETICS he obtained a PhD in Neurophysiology from the University of Mainz in Germany and made a successful career in research focusing on neuronal networks within prestigious institutions such as the University of Oxford and the EPFL - Lausanne. Self-driven, he acquired his fighting spirit from a successful sport career where he learned to always push the limits. Surrounded by a very talented team he is accelerating SOPHiA GENETICS development worldwide.

Valentin Matillon

SVP - Chief Financial Officer  

Valentin Matillon joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2018 as Chief Financial Officer. He is a seasoned finance executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in IT, Telecommunications and MedTech companies. He has held a number of senior finance management positions at SITA, Electronic Arts and Hewlett-Packard, including Group CFO, senior finance director in charge of corporate finance, financial planning & analysis, and performance management programs. Most recently, as senior finance director at the Hobart Group, Valentin led the corporate finance, financing & accounting operations team. 

As CFO, Valentin focuses on increasing shareholder value by driving global financial excellence and long-term sustainability. In addition to leading the Finance organization, Valentin is also in charge of the Legal department and Business Development activities. He received his Finance B.A. from Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales de Paris and his MS from Ecole Centrale de Paris, France. 

 "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the most adaptable" - Charles Darwin

Adam Molyneaux

SVP - Chief Information Officer   

Dr. Adam Molyneaux is a senior software engineer. He obtained his initial degree at Imperial College and after a period developing software for structural analysis he moved to EPFL where he obtained his PhD in 2002. Since then he has been involved extensively with complex application development, spending 5 years as a Senior Developer / Project Leader for a biotech company, SmartGene SA, where he was responsible for the development of several flagship products, including a sequence proofreader and a HLA matching tool. He joined SOPHiA GENETICS in July 2012 after 4 years as an independent consultant working on various SaaS, science based projects.

Didier Pitton

SVP - Chief Platform Officer   

Didier Pitton joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2012 and is a Member of the Management Team. Since September 2016 Didier Pitton is Chief Product Officer and leads Product Management. Prior to this he served as Vice-President of Sales and Chief Commercial Officer from September 2012 to September 2016. During that time, he grew SOPHiA GENETICS customer base from zero to more than 180 public hospitals and private laboratories. Didier Pitton is a senior software executive with extensive experience in Sales, Product Management and Strategy. He obtained a Master of Science in business & finance at HEC - Lausanne. Over the last 15 years, he held several senior and executive board positions at leading international banking software vendors. Market-driven with a passion for solving customer problems with technology, he has a proven track record to define and execute go-to-market strategies for new innovative technology products and to successfully bring them to mainstream market.

Kevin Puylaert

General Manager North America   

Kevin Puylaert is the General Manager of SOPHiA GENETICS’ North American operations where his focus is on broadening the company’s reach within the clinical research industry across the region. His commitment and entrepreneurial spirit has been pivotal in helping to accelerate the adoption of SOPHiA GENETICS’ AI around the world. Prior to his current role he led the company’s Business Development activities outside of Europe and was responsible for building sales teams across APAC, LATAM and Africa. Before joining the company, Kevin was a lead Strategic & Development Project Manager at the Clinique Universitaire Saint-Luc in Belgium. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Engineering focused on production and logistics from the University of Leuven in Belgium. He completed his Masters in Science from the Louvain School of Management where is specialized in Supply Chain Management and International Business.

Zhenyu Xu

SVP - Chief Technology Officer  

Dr. Zhenyu Xu is a genome scientist with a background in molecular and computational biology. He holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University in computational biology, and obtained his PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) where he focused on the transcriptome landscape of yeast. His PhD work systematically characterized the non-coding transcripts in yeast which lead to the unveiling that in a majority of cases, transcriptions are bidirectional. Dr. Xu is among the most experienced bioinformaticians worldwide in clinical NGS data analysis. He joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2012 and is the leader of the technology team who developed SOPHiA – the universal technology for Data-Driven Medicine. The AI powers SOPHiA DDM®, an advanced SaaS analytics platform for clinical genomics, recognized and widely used in hundreds of hospitals across the world.


Antoine Duchateau

Chairman of the Board  

Antoine Duchateau is a successful entrepreneur. He started his career with IBM Belgium as software engineer and sales executive for the financial sector in Brussels, then in 1981 joined the British BIS Banking Systems Group (BIS) in London, a worldwide leader in core banking application software, as Managing Director for Europe, then Chief Operating Officer. In 1995 he founded Odyssey Financial Technologies (OFT), which became over the years, the worldwide leader in mid-front office application software for the private banking sector. Under his direction as CEO and Chairman the company revenue grew to over $70M with 600 employees. In 2010, he executed the sale of Odyssey to Temenos Group AG. Following the sale of OFT, Antoine Duchateau decided to help start up and small to medium size enterprises by bringing his expertise. He was appointed Chairman of the Board of SOPHiA GENETICS in spring 2013.

Jurgi Camblong

CEO and Co-founder  

Dr. Jurgi Camblong is a visionary entrepreneur who is pioneering the Data-Driven Medicine movement around the world. He is a Molecular Biologist (published in Cell, Science & Nature), has a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Geneva, and an EMBA in Management of Technology from EPFL/HEC Lausanne. In 2011, he founded SOPHiA GENETICS with Dr. Pierre Hutter and Prof. Lars Steinmetz, and has since successfully been leading the development of the company, listed by the MIT Technology Review amongst the 50 smartest companies in 2017. Dr. Camblong is a member of the Advisory Council on Digital Transformation to the Swiss Federal Government, and was personally recognized by EY as Emergent Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.  

Andrew Kanter

Board Member (Invoke Capital)

Andrew Kanter is a Partner at Invoke Capital. Previously Mr Kanter served as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Autonomy for twelve years, where he led its global legal and operations divisions and oversaw all major acquisitions and transactions. A qualified lawyer, Andrew was previously an attorney in private practice in San Francisco and London, specialising in venture capital, international M&A and corporate finance. He holds degrees from the University of Southern California Law Center and Johns Hopkins University.

James Wise

Board Member  

James is a partner at Balderton Capital, Europe’s largest venture fund focussed on growth stage technology companies. James works with companies in fields ranging from biotech, manufacturing, AR/VR and mobile, and has been an investor in companies acquired by Microsoft and Amazon. He holds board and advisory positions with 8 technology companies. Prior to Balderton, James helped launch one of the UK's first Social Impact Funds, and has worked for both the British Government and McKinsey & Company. He holds an MA Oxon from Oxford Univeristy.

Vincent Ossipow

Independent Board Member

Dr. Vincent Ossipow, CFA is Venture Partner at Omega Funds and brings 16 years of healthcare investment experience in public and private companies. Previously, Vincent worked with Sectoral Asset Management, a healthcare institutional investor, as a Partner for Private Equity. From 2000 to 2006 he worked as a research fellow at the University of Geneva on the molecular basis of brain function where he obtained a Ph.D. in molecular biology. Vincent trained as a postdoctoral fellow (Hoffman-La-Roche and Human Frontier Science Program fellow) in Geneva and at the National Cancer Institute NCI in Bethesda, Maryland, and completed a Certificate in International Finance and Global Markets at the Georgetown University School of Business in Washington, D.C.

Michael Schenck

Board Member  

Michael Schenck is an experienced venture capital and private equity investor and currently works with Alychlo, the investment firm of Belgian entrepreneur Marc Coucke.Previously, Michael was investment manager at Waterland Private Equity where he worked closely with a number of entrepreneurs to help realize their growth ambitions. He started his career in corporate finance in France and has worked both as a volunteer and entrepreneur in Africa. Michael holds Master’s Degrees in business and management from Erasmus University Rotterdam and HEC Paris.


Lars Steinmetz

Professor of Genetics at Stanford University and Co-founder

Prof. Steinmetz is a leading scientist at the forefront of genomics research and technology development. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Yale University and a PhD in 2001 from Stanford University. At the age of 27, he started his own research group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), with the aim to dissect the molecular events that lead from genotype to phenotype. In 2009, Dr. Steinmetz founded the department of Genome Biology at EMBL and became its first co-chair, which consists of over 100 scientists and 9 research teams. Since 2013, Dr. Steinmetz splits his time between EMBL and Stanford University, where he is Professor of Genetics at the School of Medicine and Co-Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center at which he has led a research team since 2003. Dr. Steinmetz’s fundamental discoveries have led to insights into the genetic basis of complex traits ranging from model systems to humans. In addition to his academic endeavours, Dr. Steinmetz is a consultant and board member of several companies, advising in the areas of genetics and personalized medicine.

Peter Wild

Senior consultant at Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology, University Hospital of Zurich

Dr. Wild, Peter J., MD, is a senior consultant at Institute of Pathology and Molecular Pathology, University Hospital Zurich. He holds an academic rank of Professor of Systems Pathology, University of Zurich. His research focuses on molecular genetics of solid tumors. He has successfully established NGS technologies for diagnostic molecular pathology, and oranizes the Molecular Tumorboard Zurich (MTBZ). He completed his Pathology residency from the University of Regensburg, Hamburg-Eppendorf and Zurich in 2008. He has completed a postdoctoral training in Medical Biometrics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. For a two year postdoctoral training in cell biology, he joined the lab of Willy Krek at ETH Zurich. In April 2010 he also received his Venia Legendi in Pathology from the University of Zurich. He receives funding for research from the European Commission (H2020, PrECISE), Oncosuisse and the Swiss National Science Foundation. He has been honored with various awards during his training and career, including the Rudolf-Virchow-Prize of the German Society of Pathology in 2013. Dr. Wild has co-authored more than 155 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Pierre Hutter

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder  

Dr. Pierre Hutter is one of the most renowned medical geneticists in Switzerland. He completed his PhD in genetics in Edinburgh and his postdoctoral work in Cambridge (UK). He discovered the landmark speciation gene Hmr (Hybrid male rescue) in Drosophila, which has become the most studied gene in the field of reproductive isolation. Between 2005 and 2011 he was co-director of the Geneva University laboratory of Predictive Oncology, one of the two reference laboratories for the study of cancer predisposition. As head of the Medical Genetics Service of the Valais hospital, Dr. Hutter was involved in the development of genetic diagnoses based on high-throughput sequencing, works as a consultant for a private laboratory, and is an expert of accreditation of molecular genetics laboratories. He represents the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics at the FAMH commission of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

Jan O. Korbel

Group Leader at EMBL Heidelberg

Dr. Jan O. Korbel is a groupleader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, in the Genome Biology Unit. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology and performed his Postdoc at Yale University. He leads several major consortium projects and works on more than 10 organizing committees and programs in Europe and the US. In the last two years he was elected member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, received the Manfred-Fuchs-Award for work on self-regulation in science, and the Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award for biomedical research achievements. He is also in the „40 under 40“ list of the journal “Cell” and member of the Cancer Research UK “Science Committee”, responsible for the oversight and development of UK’s principal basic & translational cancer research program. He has published 76 papers indexed in PubMed, of which 17 are in Nature, Science or Cell, and works as an Ad hoc peer-reviewer of the highest scientific journals.