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DASA leverages on the SOPHiA GENETICS multimodal approach in the fight against cancer



Research Challenge

Personalized medicine


SOPHiA DDM™ for Radiomics and SOPHiA DDM™ Trial Match

Dasa operates a network of diagnostic medicine, hospitals and a care management company, connecting spaces, technologies, knowledge and multiple specialties. Its diagnostic medicine service, including clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging and genetic medicine, is internationally recognized for quality.

Dasa has more than 40,000 employees, contact with 250,000 doctors and take care of 20 million patients per year. The company also performs more than 260 million exams through 900 ambulatories and inpatient sites across the country.


Clinicians from Dasa sought to better understand how to orient patients to personalized medicine, confidently detect disease-causing variants, select the right therapy for each and monitor the efficacy of the treatment. They were in need for a solution to optimize use of oncology data collected throughout the diagnostic journey of a patient.


In 2016 Dasa partnered with SOPHiA GENETICS to accurately analyze, organize and store the hereditary and hematologic disorder data produced from its genetic unit GeneOne in the context of hereditary and hematologic disorders.

In 2020, Dasa expanded its collaboration with SOPHiA GENETICS and adopted SOPHiA DDM™ for Radiomics and SOPHiA DDM™ Trial Match.


Dasa has accelerated clinical trial recruitment, informed by biomarkers and the genetic variants identified by the SOPHiA DDM™ platform. Dasa’s hospital network, Ímpar, joined the community of SOPHiA DDM™ platform users to engage with peers, share knowledge and collaborate with other experts.

With the help of the SOPHiA DDM™ platform, Dasa performs an exponentially growing number of genomic analyses in various areas of oncology.

In addition, SOPHiA DDM™ for Radiomics allows Dasa radiologists and oncologists to make more data-driven informed decisions and enable individualized follow-up of patients throughout their care journey.

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“SOPHiA GENETICS has become our partner of choice for Data-Driven Medicine as we help deliver transformative progress for patients thanks to the multimodal data approach here in Latin America, first by integrating radiomics and now clinical trials. Engaging in [SOPHiA DDM™] Trial Match will help clinicians from Dasa understand better how to follow up, treat and orientate patients towards a more personalized medicine.”

Andreza Almeida Senerchia
Head of Clinical Research at Dasa

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