What is the SOPHiA DDM™ universal platform?

Published on 10/12/2021

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Think of it like trying to find a treasure buried on a beach. It would be a lot easier to use a metal detector than to pick through each grain of sand.

Data Driven Medicine

Did you know that the “DDM” in SOPHiA DDMTM stands for Data Driven Medicine? You may have heard this phrase before. It’s become a common phrase across the industry as medical research evolves in the digital age. DDM is a term used widely these days, but one that SOPHiA GENETICS has championed from the start. Data Driven Medicine is clinical research that can expand the way we approach traditional medicine, powered by deeper data analysis.  

The diagnostic journey can be filled with many unknowns for both patients and physicians. These unknowns are hiding amongst a massive expanse of medical data within each of us, waiting to be discovered, to further inform our personal healthcare. Having the most comprehensive amount of medical data properly analyzed and pre-classified in one single space, allows clinicians to arm themselves with the most pertinent information for their patients, ultimately aiding in the fight against concerning diseases.

SOPHiA DDMTM plays a crucial role in advancing medical research. It is an artificial intelligence-powered software as a service (SaaS) platform that’s currently used in hundreds of labs around the world to compile large sets of varying medical data from multiple sources.

Data optimization

Many larger hospital networks are already using instruments that produce these large amounts of medical research data. But many of those tests being run in the labs are becoming more in-depth, more precise, which means professionals are dealing with incredible amounts of new data each day at increasing rates. For this reason, fast and accurate analysis is essential in order to process more and more relevant information for patient research. This level of efficiency can also allow smaller labs to take on much more comprehensive testing, utilizing fewer resources than traditionally required.

Clinical research depends on accurate, reproducible results. What’s often overlooked is how much more productivity can be enabled within a lab when experiments produce consistent levels of accuracy with faster turn-around-times. This takes a lot of fine-tuning of clinical instruments, which can be yet another taxing and time-consuming process. The simple solution is optimized workflows that can quickly discover what users are searching for among their medical data. With SOPHiA DDMTM, variants of interest are discovered by elite algorithms and preclassified for the user so that they don’t have to go digging and sifting through all of the available data. Think of it like trying to find a treasure buried on a beach. It would be a lot easier to use a metal detector than to pick through each grain of sand.


Since our beginnings, SOPHiA GENETICS has taken a global approach to supporting medical research. This means we designed our technology to be able to support many forms of medical data input, making us the universal platform of choice for more than 780 healthcare institutions worldwide. With Radiomics, we’ve taken our first steps toward true multimodal research.

If you’d like to learn more about the SOPHiA DDMTM platform, you’re in luck! You can book a demo right here through our website, or you could come and see us at the upcoming HLTH conference in Boston from October 17-20th.

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