From a young age, I knew I wanted a career in bioengineering. It seemed like a new and exciting field with the potential to help people. So I moved to London and completed a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London.

I have always been extremely organized and, however much I loved science, it was clear while studying that I had a natural aptitude for project management. I decided to develop my skills further and secured a two-year technology traineeship at UBS and moved to Zurich, Switzerland. After three years there, I was itching to get back into bioengineering, but the right opportunity just hadn’t shown up yet. Instead, I took time out to travel and ended up living in Canada and working in a startup, honing my project management skills even further.

Then one day, I was travelling home from work on the bus when my phone buzzed. It was a notification from Linkedin for a Project Management role with SOPHiA GENETICS. I’d first heard of SOPHiA GENETICS a few years earlier when it was a small startup, but I never forgot it. That day sitting on the bus, scrolling through the job post, I found myself nodding to the requirements — the role was a perfect match for me.

So I applied, got the job and here I am. It’s amazing how things come around like that.

Today, I’m a Platform Project Manager at SOPHiA GENETICS. The role involves working in a team of four; two of us are Project Managers and two are functional and UX designers. Together, we oversee the whole lifecycle of new projects and features from inception to launch. As most of our projects span the company, a big part of my job involves talking to colleagues across the organization every day, from legal to research and product managers, IT to marketing — it’s all about sharing insights and learning.

I firmly believe there’s no such a thing as over-communicating. What’s important to me is sharing knowledge so that I can help teams work more effectively and with greater precision — this is how we can help clinicians better diagnose and treat patients by adopting Data-Driven Medicine applications.

For me, working at SOPHiA GENETICS is truly a unique experience. I’ve never been part of a more inspiring, supportive, smart and dedicated team of people. It’s about the science, it’s about the technology, but most of all, it’s about the mission.

I remember in my first week I asked a colleague what it’s like to work for SOPHiA GENETICS. She said she loved her job. Skeptically, I thought ‘Love? Really? No one really feels like that — do they?’ But now, if you asked me the same question, without hesitation, I’d say yes. I love my job.