On Sunday, May 5, the SOPHiA running team took part in the famous road race “20km de Lausanne” in both the 10km and 20km categories.

This yearly event has brought together over 25’000 runners in run courses going from 2km to 20km. The 2019 edition was marked by incredibly cold and wet weather. However, these treacherous conditions did not discourage our team members, who all crossed the finish line wearing our official SOPHiA t-shirts, bringing awareness to the democratization of Data-Driven Medicine.

We asked them to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of their “20km de Lausanne” experience. Here are some of their impressions:

Thomas Petty: “Keeping warm during the wind and rain-snow-hail before the race was hard! But running as part of the SOPHiA Team to share the message of Democratizing Data-Driven Medicine made everything better! What an awesome experience, now I have to train more to get a better time next year!

JiaJia Sun: “It was my first race and I got stressed beforehand. In addition, I hadn’t trained enough. During the race, I kept fighting against myself, thinking: ”you should keep going, don’t stop”! I felt very proud of running as part of the SOPHiA Team and it helped me believe in myself! Although it wasn’t a sunny day to say the least, the ambiance was amazing, especially at the start of the race.  

I made it to the finish line! It was an awesome experience for my first race! I’m proud of myself.”

Alexandra Pallatier: “As I took a look at my face in the mirror on Sunday morning, I thought: “Gosh! Why did I agree to do that race?” But it was too late to back down, I had already said to everyone I know that I was running. I coped with the pressure and stopped thinking about it. “Just go!”

I got outside and immediately came back inside to take a warm coat. Winter weather in May, seriously? It was hard to find the motivation to go running in this wintery weather!

I went to the race by foot and took the time to listen to some music for an extra boost of motivation! I loved seeing plenty of people outside braving the elements!

The race was well organized, I loved the supporters who cheered our name as per the writing on our shirt. The first 100 meters were easy of course, and as always, the last kilometer was the worst! And then I saw the finish line: my colleagues, Tamara and Jiajia, were waiting for Wenqi and I, for us to go receive our medals together! We were so proud of each other.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that SOPHiA gave us to run wearing its colors and to share this experience.

We are looking forward to the 2020 edition!