Why is it taking longer than usual for an analysis to start?

There could be multiple reasons for a delay.

1) You may have closed your PC before the upload was completed, logged out of your account or removed the files from their original saved location. When a run is uploaded it is associated to a specific, computer, Windows user and a SOPHiA Platform user.

– To resume upload, simply restart the SOPHiA Platform and log in.

– This should be done on the same computer and using the same windows user and the same SOPHiA Platform user credentials that started the run.

– Using other credentials will not work.

2) If you are using a USB key, please make sure not to remove it before the copy is completely finished.

3) If you are using a network folder, make sure the folder is always available during the upload. We recommend making a local copy of the files before starting an upload.