The most common reason is that your Proxy or Firewall is blocking the SOPHiA GENETICS servers. This can be easily fixed by your IT department by updating your firewall rules to allow access to all our servers.

It seems like your network system (proxy or firewall) blocks access to our servers.

Firewall rules
In case you are using a firewall, your IT team must update the firewall rules to open access to our servers.

All in secure mode (https) and port 443:
allow connections for all sophia sub domains : *

Proxy configuration

In case you are using a proxy, your IT department must do the following:
SOPHiA DDM™ will try to detect automatically your proxy configuration based on the computer’s network settings.
Unfortunately, some proxies cannot be properly identified, and you might encounter problems connecting. If this happens, you can define the proxy configuration and force SOPHiA DDM™ to use it.
If you need to go through the proxy, you can create a file in c:\Users\”pc_username”\.dg-cache\proxyCfg.txt with the following example:
Please keep in mind that the above proxy is just an example, as we do not know which IP you’re using. Also, please ensure that you add the – right before D.
In case the proxy also needs authentication, the user will be prompted upon startup to enter the credentials.