Diseases can easily be added when a new interpretation project is created.

1) After selecting “Add interpretation”, a new window will appear.

2) In the pop-up window, a new link “select” is available.

3) Once clicked, the Disease Ontology tree opens to select a disease.

This disease tree can be searched or alternatively, you can start typing the respective disease name. The matching disorders are then immediately highlighted in the list.


– You can bookmark regularly selected diseases by clicking the “star” icon next to the disease.

– In cases where several diseases should be selected simultaneously, hold CTRL (MAC: cmd) while selecting several diseases.

For detailed instructions please refer to the Operation Manual Section 3.11.3.

Figure 1: Select a disease from any level of the ontology tree.


The disease tree can be easily searched. Start typing the respective disease name. The list of terms containing the substring is instantly updated and resulting disorders are highlighted in the list.


Users can bookmark often selected diseases by clicking the “star” icon next to the disease. Alternatively, users can click Shift + B (Fig. 2). In both cases, the disease then appears and is saved in the list of bookmarks above the tree.

Figure 2: Bookmark a disease by clicking the “star” icon or pressing Shift + B.


Several diseases can be selected and added to an interpretation project by clicking CTRL (Mac: cmd) while selecting them (Fig. 3).

Figure 3: Multi-select several diseases. Click to select a disease, hold CTRL pressed, select one or more other diseases. Click OK to confirm. All diseases are added to the interpretation project.