SOPHiA is the most used and advanced technology for Data-Driven Medicine.  SOPHiA AI analyzes patients genomic data produced by Next-Generation DNA sequencers in labs/hospitals, facilitating and accelerating the clinical interpretation. Medical experts have therefore, more time to focus on the study of complex cases. This technology is paving the way for the democratization of Data-Driven Medicine, and is improving both the accuracy and the rapidity of a diagnosis. 

All types of genomic variants are detected, annotated and pre-classified by SOPHiA thanks to its patented advanced technologies, PEPPER™, MUSKAT™ and MOKA™, thus ensuring 99.99% specificity and sensitivity required for clinical application.


Advanced Proprietary Algorithms

SOPHiA GENETICS has pioneered the application of pattern recognition and machine learning in the field of genomics to dramatically reduce bias in data sets. By understanding the complexity of NGS data analysis, SOPHiA GENETICS has developed proprietary and patented advanced technologies, PEPPER™, MUSKAT™ and MOKA™ that are all powered by SOPHiA AI, ensuring over 99.99% specificity and sensitivity which is critical for clinical application.

Accurate SNP and INDEL detection 

Superior CNV resolution

Advanced variant annotation