Every day, healthcare institutions handle a huge amount of patients’ data and should implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection and privacy. Especially as controller of the data, hospitals have to guarantee that anyone with whom they share patients’ information processes data safely. 

Privacy and data security are part of SOPHiA GENETICS’ DNA. Fully committed to protecting patients’ genomic data, we are GDPR ready and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified. All data uploaded and processed on SOPHiA DDM® platform are encrypted to the highest industry standards and then stored redundantly in secured and private data centers. Only healthcare institutions remain controller of the data, keeping full ownership of them. Therefore, patient information is never disclosed - test ID and untraceable data are used to guarantee total transparency and security.


Secure Flow of Encrypted Data


Key Features


Given the increasing number of requests for access to patients’ genomic data, privacy has developed into a vital challenge. SOPHiA DDM platform ensures patient privacy and respects EU directives and national privacy laws worldwide.

Global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, SOPHiA GENETICS provides the optimal environment to safely process and store patient’s data. Thanks to a robust, audited set of innovative technologies and secured workflows, SOPHiA GENETICS sets the standards for high level management of patient's data.

Privacy and Security are parts of our DNA. By design and default, all our solutions are conceived to guarantee that healthcare institutions retain complete control of the data

Jasmine Beukema, VP Quality and Data Protection Officer at SOPHiA GENETICS