The advanced imaging analysis solution

In addition to the SOPHiA Platform, SOPHiA for Radiomics is a groundbreaking application that analyzes medical images, aggregating multiple data sources including genomic, biological, and clinical data to offer novel multimodal analyses for research purposes. This powerful radiomic solution meets the criteria established by the international Image Biomarker Standardization Initiative (IBSI) to deliver finer biomarkers and support researchers.

*in development, not promotionally available


  • Quick AI-powered 3D segmentation
  • Centralized Oncoboard for disease monitoring
  • Novel multimodal predictive models for research purposes


imaging data (CT-scans, MRI, or PET-CT), biological data (genomics, pathology), and clinical data


the data using sophisticated statistical models powered by SOPHiA


novel multimodal predictions, better treatment evaluation and effective biomarkers to support research efforts

Main Features


SOPHiA Radiomics leverages three main components allowing researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the peculiarities of a given tumor and extract case-specific information for a more precise monitoring.



AI Powered 3D segmentation

Accurate measurements of lesions including volume, heterogeneity, and other imaging biomarkers following IBSI-recommended guidelines.


Smart Dashboard for precise evolution prediction and disease monitoring for research purposes.

Radiomics board

Advanced statistical analyses for a novel multimodal approach to research.



SOPHiA Radiomics can already be applied to:

Gliomas (high- & low-grade), including GBMs  
Brain metastases  
Primary lung tumors  
Lung nodules & metastases  
Kidney cancer *  
Adrenal tumors *  
Hepatic metastases *  

*Soon available




Automated and accurate segmentation

Standardized bio-imaging features extraction and monitoring

Novel multimodal predictive features