SOPHiA Radiomics for COVID-19 offers a CT-based automated workflow for whole lung segmentation and disease quantification allowing a more precise monitoring of the disease evolution for research purposes. With an easy-to-use interface, radiomic features are extracted from whole lung segmentations. Additionally, our Data Sciences Consulting Services will support your research needs by providing machine learning expertise to leverage your data.

SOPHiA Radiomics for COVID-19 offers a streamlined workflow, integrating both Image Biomarker Standardization Initiative (IBSI) recommended features to quantify medical imaging and RSNA-recommended guidelines for consistent qualitative findings in a research setting. 

Lung segmentation & quantification
Visceral fat & abdominal muscle quantification




Save time with automated workflows for high radiomic throughput

IBSI-recommended features calculations for next-level quantified analyses

Unique Data Science Consulting services to facilitate multimodal research