Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week 2022

Published on 06/15/2022

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Test your knowledge in our quick-fire quiz for Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week 2022!

Chromosomal conditions are caused by changes in the number or structure of chromosomes. It is estimated that 1 in 150 babies is born with a chromosomal condition, and each child is different.1 Some children with chromosomal disorders may have intellectual disabilities and/or birth defects and some may have no serious problems, depending on which chromosomes are affected and how.

This year we are spreading awareness of Rare Chromosome Disorders and celebrating the unique children and adults with these disorders through our fun quiz. Give it a try and test your knowledge!

Our team at SOPHiA GENETICS continue to support the management of the full spectrum of rare and inherited diseases by advancing data-driven medicine.


1. March of Dimes, Chromosomal conditions. Accessed June 2022.

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