Turkey taps into Sophia genetics to build data driven medicine capacities

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Published on 03/09/2016

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  • Sophia Genetics registers an historical performance in February 2016 with 44 partnerships concluded
  • Sophia Genetics records in Turkey its best commercial extra-EU performance
  • In partnership with Gen-Era Diagnostik A.S., Sophia Genetics now provides Turkish Hospitals with access to its global clinical genomics community for molecular diagnosis.
  • Sophia Genetics is paving the way for a shift toward Data Driven Medicine in Turkey as additional hospitals adopt Sophia DDM® advanced analytical platform in the country

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, 9th March 2016 – Sophia Genetics, the global leader in Data Driven Medicine (DDM), today announced that additional prestigious Turkish Hospitals have adopted Sophia DDM® the most advanced clinical genomics community platform. Sophia Genetics will provide these Hospitals with leading analytics solutions to diagnose patients of some cancers and inherited conditions faster and more accurately. Its Sophia DDM® advanced analytical platform uses the most sophisticated machine learning and mathematical algorithms, PEPPER™, MUSKAT™ and MOKA™, to give clinicians the most accurate, speedy and cost-effective means of offering genomic analysis of samples to their patients.

As participants in Sophia Genetics’ clinical genomics community, they and their patients will benefit from the most advanced algorithms to detect even subtle genomic alterations in cancer genes such as base substitutions, copy number alterations, short insertions, deletions and rearrangements. In an increasing number of cases, early detection of such mutations helps oncologists recommend targeted and more effective treatments to their patients. Furthermore, early detection of these mutations can highlight the potential risk of higher susceptibility to develop hereditary cancers for instance.

About this revolution for Data Driven Medicine in Turkey, Prof.Dr. Hülya Yazici Özbek from the Oncology Institute at Istanbul University Hospital explained “We were experiencing difficulties to evolve from Sanger to Next Generation Sequencing technics to sequence patients’ DNA, mainly due to lack of previous bioinformatics experience. As soon as we started to benefit from Sophia Genetics’ support we could immediately note the company’s deep expertise and we are truly feeling much more comfortable in our approach to molecular diagnosis since we started our collaboration. Trying to achieve this level of experience by ourselves would have taken us a year at least; precious time that we can now spend on our routine testing, to the benefits of patients. We now find ourselves in a fantastic place thanks to Sophia’s support for NGS validation of our lab, training and accelerating our time to routine.”

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Naci Çine form the Medical Genetics Lab of the Kocaeli University Hospital added “We used to work with a local clinical NGS analytics service provider before. And from start, our collaboration with Sophia Genetics has been marked by professionalism, quality and speed. Sophia’s expertise on clinical NGS is enormous and we are now using Sophia DDM® as a main platform for analysis.”

Jurgi Camblong, CEO and founder of Sophia Genetics, commented “The momentum for the adoption of our technology is expending rapidly well beyond the European Union. Our successful experience in Turkey shows that more Hospitals worldwide are able to leverage our advanced machine-learning based algorithms to diagnose hundreds of patients every day. Thanks to Sophia DDM®, Turkish Hospitals now have access not only to the most advanced genomic data analytics algorithms but also to the knowledge gathered on Sophia DDM®  through the world’s largest clinical genomics community.”

These partnerships are expected to pave the way for a shift toward Data Driven Medicine in Turkey as additional Hospitals, labs and clinics should soon adopt Sophia DDM® in the country. The partnerships announced today in Turkey participate in Sophia Genetics’ very strong growth since the start of 2016, with 44 additional partnerships concluded in February only in Europe and beyond.

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