Sophia Genetics partners with Qiagen to fasten next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) adoption and democratize data-driven medicine

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Published on 11/11/2016

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ntegration of QIASeq FX DNA library prep into Sophia DDM® analytical platform enables superior genomic variants detection in clinical diagnostics

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – 11 November 2016 – Today, at the AMP 2016 Annual Meeting, Sophia Genetics, the global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, announced a new partnership with QIAGEN to further democratize Data-Driven Medicine. The partnership includes the integration of QIAGEN QIAseq FX, one of the most advanced library preparation technologies in the market to date, with Sophia DDM® analytical platform to enable superior detection of genomic variants in clinical diagnostics.

Sophia Genetics partnership with QIAGEN will further facilitate the use of capture technologies and ensure its users get the most out of SOPHiA™ artificial intelligence for the detection of variants in challenging genomic regions. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The collaboration between the two companies will benefit hospitals and laboratories which will get fully validated library kits and capture-based gene panels, providing patients with state-of-the-art genomic testing and faster, easier and more accurate results in routine clinical diagnostics. This partnership follows another agreement Sophia Genetics signed in February 2016 with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), which increased the adoption of capture-based technologies for routine clinical diagnostics by its community.

Jurgi Camblong, CEO and co-founder of Sophia Genetics commented “We are very pleased to broaden our offering with this new partnership. Through this collaboration, our fast-growing community of hospitals and laboratories will benefit from QIAGEN’s reliable and high-quality products to obtain clinical-grade results on our analytical platform Sophia DDM®, eventually bringing improved diagnostics and treatment options to patients.”

Colin Baron, Senior Director, Head of Product Management, NGS Life Sciences, QIAGEN, added “We are very excited to partner with Sophia Genetics. We are pleased by this further demonstration that QIAGEN technologies are significantly improving the quality of next-generation sequencing results”.

This partnership launches worldwide, allowing laboratories to immediately get improved throughput, reduced hands-on time and more reliable results of genomic tests.

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