Latin America’s largest medical diagnostic company taps into SOPHiA GENETICS’ new multimodal solution to fight cancer, fostering a new Data-Driven Medicine era

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Published on 07/23/2020

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São Paulo, Brazil, July 23, 2020:

SOPHiA GENETICS, leader in Data-Driven Medicine, announced today the signature of a Trial Match agreement with Dasa, the largest medical diagnostic company in Latin America. The group chose the SOPHiA Platform to lead the region toward an extensive approach to Data-Driven Medicine powered by the world’s first integrated multimodal solution to fight cancer.

Thanks to a huge community of more than 1’000 partner institutions globally – with almost 100 in Latin America – SOPHiA GENETICS is uniquely positioned to offer new solutions for clinical trials. Through SOPHiA Trial Match, the company will help Dasa facilitate and accelerate the process of biomarker-defined patient recruitment for clinical trials, especially when eligibility criteria include the presence of rare genetic variants. Dasa’s newly integrated network of hospitals, Ímpar, will directly benefit from SOPHiA Trial Match, being able to engage with peers, sharing knowledge, and collaborating with other experts of the SOPHiA global network.

Dasa already adopted the SOPHiA Platform for accurate analysis of genomic profiles back in 2016 through their genomic laboratory GeneOne to detect hereditary and hematologic disorders. Today, with the help of SOPHiA, the number of genomic analyses Dasa performs grows exponentially, including applications in various areas of oncology.

In addition, SOPHiA is also empowering Dasa’s experts with radiomics capabilities, which will allow radiologists and oncologists to make more data-driven informed decisions and enable individualized longitudinal follow-up of patients throughout their disease evolution. SOPHiA’s multimodal solution – including genomics, radiomics, and now the SOPHiA Trial Match – will allow the pharmaceutical industry to explore biomarker identification for cancer.

 “The adoption of SOPHiA Trial Match in the region demonstrates once again Dasa’s commitment to help cancer patients with the most advanced technologies currently available on the market,” said Philippe Menu, Chief Medical Officer at SOPHiA GENETICS. “It will allow us to transform the way we can match patients to the right clinical trial and predict who will benefit the most from targeted therapies and why, revolutionizing drug development, and ultimately leading healthcare toward a new era of democratized Data-Driven Medicine.”

“SOPHiA has become our partner of choice for Data-Driven Medicine as we help deliver transformative progress for patients thanks to the multimodal data approach here in Latin America, first by integrating radiomics and now clinical trials” commented Gustavo Campana, Medical Director of Dasa. “Engaging in Trial Match will help clinicians from Dasa understand better how to follow up, treat and orientate patients towards a more personalized medicine”.

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