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Leverage your sequencing capabilities as a SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions Partner

SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Solutions helps democratize data driven medicine by bringing NGS testing to institutions without sequencing labs. Samples are sent from clients to our Partner sequencing labs and the raw sequencing data is transferred back to clients for their own analysis in the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform. By taking on external samples, Partner labs are able to increase efficiency of their existing resources and take advantage of an additional revenue stream. Partners have full control over the services available including the panel types and sequencing methods. The process is fully supported by experts at SOPHiA GENETICS who can help you bring on additional tests and market your services to your own customer base or community. 

The SOPHiA DDM™ Dispatch feature enables labs to receive orders directly from others, enabling a more scalable and direct relationship with end users. 

SOPHiA GENETICS Integrated Access allows us to serve clients without NGS instrumentation in-house by pairing service from our trusted partners with SOPHiA bundle and dry lab solutions

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Increase your operational efficiency and help bring NGS testing to growing institutions by joining our global network of sequencing Partners.

Increase throughput

Sequence in house samples and samples sent from clients around the world

Improve efficiency

Increase utilization of existing sequencing equipment and resources

Streamlined Operations

Experience the simplicity of the partner workflow and tools so you can focus on scientific workflows

Gain additional revenue

Sell sequencing service to more clients and take advantage of an additional source of revenue

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