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Thanks to advances in both DNA sequencing and Mathematics, it is now possible to unlock the secrets surrounding some of the most difficult diseases, such as Cystic Fibrosis, various types of cancer and many more conditions. SOPHiA GENETICS works with over 500 leading hospitals and has a community of doctors and clinicians that is becoming smarter every day thanks to their access to the knowledge stored on our platform. Every learning from every patient is extracted and shared for the benefit of all.

This allows molecular diagnosis information to be used where it is most needed, no matter where you are treated. In addition, it enables to better and faster act on the diseases. If you are a patient in Paris, your data can help experts diagnose another patient in London.

Koen Jacobs, AZ Sint Lucas, Ghent: “SOPHiA DDM® provides us with highly reliable and flexible NGS data analytics for confident variant calling in the oncology setting. Its continuous improvement and community-driven classifications are the major advantages of the SOPHiA DDM® platform for our local NGS output.”

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