Sophia Genetics calls for balanced debate on data protection in Europe to ensure benefits of genomic medicine are fully realised

Sophia Genetics, the European leader in data driven medicine, has today called on European policy makers to ensure that the benefits of genomic medicine are fully realised for patients in light of ongoing debate around data security regulation.

Speaking in Brussels, CEO and Co-Founder Jurgi Camblong said:

“Nothing is more important or unique to us than our own DNA, which contains huge amounts of personal data. As the data driven revolution in medicine gathers pace, we can look forward to better understanding of and treatment of chronic diseases, providing hope to patients.

However, such gains will only be made if clinicians are allowed to collect and analyse data to unlock the secrets of disease. European policy makers should develop proposals on data protection that safeguard information whilst ensuring the gains from genomic medicine are realised”

Concerns have been growing over the lack of agreement on data protection proposals since the Latvian government took over the rotating presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers. Many questions remain outstanding over what regulatory framework will result regarding the processing of personal data and its cross border free movement. Such regulation will heavily influence the ability of clinicians to use genetic information to improve patient treatment.

At a panel session at the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference (CPDC) 2015 in Brussels today, Jurgi Camblong added:

“Companies like Sophia Genetics have put in place safeguards on data security which already provide patients and doctors with confidence. This multi-stakeholder led approach is now at risk from over-bearing regulation. 

Data security is a non-negotiable requirement for delivering interpretation and analysis of genetic information, but it shouldn’t stand in the way of using it to better patient outcomes. There does not necessarily need to be a trade-off between privacy and the use of data if handled in the right way.”

Sophia Genetics is currently working with over 40 European Institutions to bring the promise of genomic medicine into clinical practice.


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