Simple and robust approach for breast cancer risk assessment

PREVENT is an innovative approach designed for all healthy women, regardless of ethnicity, particularly those not at increased risk of carrying a BRCA gene mutation.

This solution provides physicians with a more precise estimation of breast cancer risk and supports personalized screening plans.

PREVENT is a an extremely robust approach, based on over a decade of research and hundreds of thousands of subjects.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Simple steps for physicians

Data analysis by SOPHiA


SOPHiA combines and analyzes information from three risk categories and generates a powerful breast cancer risk estimate, which can be used to compare a woman’s risk to that of the general population.

Frequent genetic variations

SNP* constellation strongly associated with breast cancer risk 

Non-modifiable risk factors

such as family history of breast cancer and reproductive history

Modifiable risk factors

including body mass index and level of alcohol consumption


*SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism - Frequent genetic variants

“AI technology can help us determine who should be undergoing breast screening … right now it is not good enough to say we screen by age eligibility alone, as that is not the only risk determiner.”

Dr. Jonathan Krell, Consultant Medical Oncologist at Imperial College London Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Patient's workflow


Minimally invasive approach

Supported by clinical data

Compliant with privacy guidelines

Identifies women that are at increased risk



In this webinar, Pr. Xavier Pivot, General Director of the Paul Strauss Center, will describe the clinical utility of PREVENT, and how it will fit into the breast cancer program at the Paul Strauss Center.