Simple and robust test for breast cancer risk assessment

PREVENT is an innovative test designed for all healthy women, particularly those not at increased risk of carrying a BRCA gene mutation.

This test provides physicians with a more precise estimation of breast cancer risk, and supports personalized screening plans and preventive measures.

PREVENT is a solution based on over a decade of research and hundreds of thousands of subjects.1,2



Simple steps for physicians

Data analysis by SOPHiA


SOPHiA AI analyzes information from three risk categories and generates a powerful breast cancer risk estimate which can be used to compare a woman’s risk to that of the general population:

Frequent genetic variations

SNP* constellation which is strongly related to the risk of breast cancer

Non-modifiable risk factors

such as family history of breast cancer and reproductive history

Modifiable risk factors

including body mass index and level of alcohol consumption


*SNP: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism - Frequent genetic variants


Patient's workflow


Minimally invasive test

Supported by clinical data

Compliant with privacy guidelines

Identifies women that are at increased risk