Assessing genetic predisposition to cancer for confident decision making

SOPHiA Hereditary Cancer Solution is a CE-IVD marked molecular diagnostic application that bundles a capture-based target enrichment kit with the analytical power of SOPHiA™ AI and full access to the SOPHiA DDM® platform. The solution was expertly designed to accurately characterize the complex mutational landscape of the major hereditary cancer syndromes such as breast and ovarian cancer, Lynch and intestinal polyposis syndromes.

Benefits of the solution


Detection of all types of genomic alterations (i.e SNVs, Indels and CNVs) in 26 relevant genes associated with hereditary cancers


Clinical grade analytical performance


Compatible with market-leading sequencing platforms without impact on performance. The gene panel can also be adapted according to experts' needs


The library preparation step can be fully automated, for high throughput needs, without impacting data quality 

SOPHiA Hereditary Cancer Solution is a CE-IVD products for Europe Only