Diving deep into genomic variants

Alamut® offers powerful decision-support software that streamline genomic analysis by simplifying the variant interpretation process. Alamut represents a comprehensive solution to help clinical researchers in the complex tasks of genomic variants annotation, filtration, and exploration.

Alamut Genova replaces Alamut Visual
(effective from October 24th 2018)
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Advanced variant exploration

Alamut Genova is a full genome browser, helping scientists assess the pathogenic status of human alterations. The software integrates genomic information from different curated sources and prediction algorithms in one user-friendly environment.

Well-thought out, Alamut Genova is the latest evolution of the software Alamut Visual. Thanks to a set of novel and efficient features, including ACMG/AMP classification and new splicing predictions, this advanced version helps labs saving time in handling complex genomic interpretation cases.


Main features


Save time

Increase productivity

Improve quality


High-throughput variant annotation

Alamut Batch enriches raw NGS variants with a wealth of attributes including effects on human genes, allele frequencies, as well as mis- sense and splicing predictions.



Interactive variant filtration

Starting from annotated variant collections, Alamut Focus selects candidate variants based on user-defined or pre-configured criteria.




  • Designed for intensive analysis workflows on targeted panels and exomes
  • Combining well-curated databases and efficient predictions functionalities
  • Industry leader in splicing predictions

  • Quickly design and apply simple to complex variant filtering strategies
  • Apply pre-configured inheritance-based scenarios
  • Fully compatible with Alamut Batch



    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures