Validation Program (Prerequisite)

The Validation Program allows to establish and demonstrate the analytical performance of a test based on customer’s conditions. It is a prerequisite to the use of SOPHiA AI for a given NGS test. SOPHiA GENETICS helps you to get ready for routine testing in less than 21 days. The Validation Program facilitates your own ISO 15189 accreditation. 

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Dr. López-Guerrero, Head of the Molecular Biology Laboratory of IVO: “As a provider of clinical BRCA analysis for cancer patients, we were looking for a standardised dry lab solution to certify our laboratory and achieve the best analytical performance. For us, only SOPHiA could provide this at the required standard.”

Dry Lab

As experts in genomic data analyses, SOPHiA GENETICS offers you the best analytical solution for treating your raw NGS data. Within a few quick steps, your lab is validated for an NGS test (less than 21 days). You are then able to use SOPHiA AI, to achieve top analytical performance in routine diagnostics and shorten your turnaround time.




The knowledge acquired by SOPHiA through the analysis of large amounts of data has allowed the development of a highly optimized kit to improve the quality of raw data, which will be better analysed by SOPHiA. The bundle solution offered by SOPHiA GENETICS bundles the analytical power of SOPHiA AI with target enrichment kit and full access to SOPHiA DDM® platform.




From sample to variant report

With Integrated Diagnostic Solutions, offer your patients the highest standards in routine clinical genomic testing with no initial investment from your side. You can benefit from a full service solution from biological samples processing to report generation.  Simply send your samples and SOPHiA GENETICS takes care of the rest.

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