Benefit from our clinical genomics expertise

SOPHiA GENETICS has developed the most advanced clinical genomics solution, already used by over 850 hospitals, to reduce biases from Wet Lab protocols and NGS data analysis. From DNA extraction to data interpretation, we understand your requirements in diagnostics and have created a technology solution with unprecedented accuracy.

We are both ISO 13485 (Medical Devices Quality Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified, and the quality of our solutions is at the heart of our activity.

Anneke Seller, Consultant Director of Genetics, Oxford University Hospital: “Increasing use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing in the clinic is inevitable. SOPHiA GENETICS understands our clinical needs.”

What we offer

Dry Lab

You have an NGS Lab - and want faster and more accurate diagnosis for patients

As experts in genomics data analyses, we can offer you the best analytical platform for treating your raw NGS data. This is simple, we validate your lab for an NGS test and you use our SOPHiA DDM® platform for routine diagnostics to achieve top analytical performance and shorten your turn around time.


You have an NGS Lab - and want best in class kits and analytics

SOPHiA GENETICS has already experienced dozens of DNA sample enrichment technologies. Based on your needs, you can benefit from an optimal combination of kits and analytical solutions for a robust and more accurate diagnosis.


You don't have an NGS Lab - and want to offer your patients genomic analysis

You may not have yet an NGS equipment. That is not an issue, SOPHiA GENETICS offers integrated diagnostic solutions. You can benefit from a full service solution from biological samples processing to report generation.

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SOPHiA DDM® is the platform of choice for clinicians to perform routine diagnostic testing. Our core technologies: PEPPER™, MUSKAT™ and MOKA™, are powered by SOPHiA™ - the most advanced artificial intelligence for Data-Driven Medicine. SOPHiA™ processes and analyses raw genomic data to help hospitals better and faster diagnose patients across a broad range of diseases including oncology, metabolism, pediatrics, cardiology and hereditary cancers.

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Why should you care ?


SOPHiA GENETICS brings you the following benefits to better diagnose your patients

  • Accelerate adoption of clinical genomics tests
  • Guarantee top analytical performance
  • Shorten turn-around time
  • Save costs


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