Profiling the cancer genome to optimize the management of solid tumors


The Solid Tumor Solution™ (STS) by SOPHiA GENETICS is a genomic application that bundles a capture-based target enrichment kit with the analytical power of SOPHiA™ AI and full access to SOPHiA DDM® platform. 

The solution was expertly designed to accurately characterize the complex mutational landscape of the major solid tumors such as lung, colorectal, skin and brain cancers. Detection of genomic alterations remains a difficult task as they can be present at very low variant fractions or due to high heterogeneity tissue.

The STS by SOPHiA GENETICS reports any detectable genetic alteration which is essential to optimize the management of solid tumors.

Benefits of the solution


Detection of SNVs1 & Indels2 in all the genes of the panel, MSI3 associated with colorectal cancer and gene amplifications over 24 genes 


Advanced analytical performance


Excellent coverage uniformity in all the genes of the panel


Compatible with market-leading sequencing platforms without impact on performance. The gene panel can also be adapted according to experts' needs

1: SNVs: single nucleotide variants
2: Indels: insertions and deletions
3: MSI: microsatellite instability