The smart solution for tumor monitoring

SOPHiA for Radiomics is a groundbreaking application that analyzes medical images and combines them with biological and clinical data to predict tumor evolution. This powerful radiomic solution is designed to go beyond the usual RECIST and PERCIST criteria, to deliver finer biomarkers and support clinicians in choosing the right therapeutic strategy for a given patient.



  • Real 3D visualization
  • Quick and easy segmentation
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Available for gliomas, meningiomas, lung cancers and lung metastasis


imaging data (CT-scans, MRI or PET-CT), biological data (genomics, pathology), and clinical data


the data using statistical models and the analytical power of SOPHiA


accurate prediction, better treatment evaluation and effective biomarkers to support clinicians’ decision

Starting from two MRI images, SOPHiA Radiomics can predict the evolution and growth of asymptomatic meningiomas with 88% accuracy*

*Results were obtained by comparing modelization to MRI observation on a cohort of 50 patients

Features example


SOPHiA Radiomics leverages three main components allowing healthcare professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the peculiarities of a given tumor and extract patient-specific information for a more precise cancer monitoring.



3D viewer

Quick visualization of the image, in any view, any angle, whatever the acquisition plane


Segmentation tool

Accurate measurement of the lesions including volume, heterogeneity, and other imaging biomarkers



Smart Dashboard for precise evolution prediction and disease monitoring




SOPHiA Radiomics can already be applied to:

  Monitoring Prediction
Lung Metastasis
Lung Cancer **
Gliomas **
Kidney ** **
Prostate ** **

**Soon available




SOPHiA Radiomics helps clinicians detect unexpected metastatic evolution or relapse and acts as a warning technology for precision medicine.





Accurate growth

Precise monitoring of
bio-imaging indexes

“Once data-upload is performed, SOPHiA Radiomics provides precise monitoring information in just a few minutes. With its capabilities, SOPHiA supports clinicians all along the patient’s journey and empowers Data-Driven Medicine.“

Prof. Thierry Colin, Senior VP Radiomics at SOPHiA GENETICS