Radiomics transforms standard medical imaging into mineable data to be analyzed for improved decision support of precision medicine. The future with radiomic analyses promises to increase precision in diagnoses, assessments of prognoses, and predictions of therapy responses.* SOPHiA Radiomics Solutions offer comprehensive workflows for multiple research needs.

SOPHiA Radiomics for Oncology

SOPHiA Radiomics is a groundbreaking application that analyzes medical images for research use and is an addition to the SOPHiA Platform that has biological and clinical data to offer novel multimodal analyses.

SOPHiA Radiomics for COVID-19

SOPHiA Radiomics for COVID-19 offers a CT-based automated workflow for whole lung segmentation and disease quantification feeding clinical researchers with high throughput standardized data for research purposes.

*Source: Radiomics: Images Are More Than Pictures, They Are Data. Robert J. Gillies, Paul E. Kinahan, and Hedvig Hriack. Radiology. 2016Feb; Volume 278: 2