Leverage our technology and network to power your clinical trial

SOPHiA for Clinical Trials breathes new life into clinical research and accelerates the development of new therapies. Through this innovative approach and our growing global clinical research community, we can now connect the right patients to the right trials, advance clinical-grade genomic testing and design robust applications. 


  • Ensure accurate genomic analysis
  • Engage with the global clinical research community
  • Increase clinical trial efficiency

Bring the right clinical trials to patients SOPHiA Trial Match™ enables clinicians to match patients to clinical trials based on their genomic profiles. The power of this solution comes from SOPHiA, the AI that has accurately analyzed hundreds of thousands of genomic profiles, and a clinical research community that connects more than 980 leading hospitals in 81 countries. SOPHiA computes 1 genomic profile every 4 minutes.

  • Ensure accurate genomic analysis
  • Leverage our clinical genomic network
  • Accelerate turnaround time

Ensure best-in-class genomic analysis for clinical trials SOPHiA Trial Detect™ offers streamlined sample management and highly-accurate genomic testing for clinical trials. By leveraging the power of our clinical genomic network, this solution simplifies the workflow from sample to report and guarantees clinical-grade results powered by SOPHiA.

  • Ensure accurate genomic analysis
  • Build with top scientific experts
  • Accelerate development and deployment

Combine future therapies with clinical-grade genomic applications SOPHiA CDx™ empowers pharma and biotech companies to develop and deploy best-in-class companion diagnostics. With 180 genomic test applications powered by SOPHiA, we have proven experience in making decentralized genomic testing accurate. With SOPHiA CDx™, you can now improve performance while accelerating the time to deliver companion diagnostics to the market.