I wanted the engagement with people. That’s why I wanted a career in Human Resources. What I’ve ultimately found at SOPHiA GENETICS is far more than just a career.

Even as I work from home now, people are getting me through this. My interactions with them, knowing that the work I’m doing to help them is helping others – this is what drives me to keep working as we all are. Apart, but never really alone.

Ever since I was a young girl growing up in Nepal, I wanted to be a pilot. I don’t know why. These days I’m not a fan of long flights, but I think I liked the idea of travel. I also knew that I enjoyed meeting people, interacting, and learning about their lives. I think I always had that – the people skills. Maybe that’s why I got interested in having a job that allowed me to work with people every day.

As I grew up, I’d soon be experiencing that travel and human interaction I hoped for as a kid. I moved to the US in 2006 and did my undergrad in business, but when I graduated, I didn’t want to just be sitting in an office all day. That’s when I was reintroduced to the idea of working in HR. I really liked the balance of administrative work as well as interacting with people. I did my first internship while I was in my master’s program at Clark University and that’s when I knew I wanted to continue to do HR and talent recruiting beyond anything else.

As I continued my career, I eventually found myself feeling bored at a company that was overstaffed. I wanted to be engaged, have more on my plate, and I knew that the world of biotechnology recruiting would give me plenty of new and exciting challenges that I’d embrace. That’s when I found SOPHiA GENETICS.

I had been on the lookout for positions at small companies that were expanding. Some people may not like the startup culture because they want their job description and tasks 100% defined. I’m not that person. I like that there was opportunity for the job to be redefined as the role and the company evolved. I knew I could make an impact working for a very fast-paced, growing company. SOPHiA GENETICS was the perfect fit, as it was all of those things combined.

When I first started, there were only about ten people working for the company in the United States. Immediately, I was put to task with great guidance from experienced and motivational managers, but also with the freedom to execute many of my own hiring initiatives and strategies. I was able to take on major projects and improvements to what we can offer employees in the US within the first month alone. I’ve since been an integral part of the hiring process for more than two-thirds of all US-based employees and we will likely more than double that size within the coming years.

At SOPHiA GENETICS, we look for people who are willing to make a lasting and effective change in the healthcare industry. The ideal candidate is someone who is very flexible, ready for a challenge and who wants to grow with a growing company. If they feel like there is some opportunity to enact greater change or take charge of it, they’re probably a good fit.

I know I’ve grown. Now my family tells me, ‘You picked the right profession because you are very resourceful’. It always helps to be creative and resourceful in Human Resources and that’s the part I like most – empowering my people with the resources they need.

Through the difficulties of isolation during the outbreak of COVID-19, we continue to work and create new solutions. We adapt and we do it together day by day. I feel like we’re inspired now more than ever to perform the excellent work and assistance that we’re used to providing. If anything, I’m excited to see what we can do next.

I know that what I do every day isn’t necessarily directly related to health, but I know what I do allows others to make an impact on a global scale. In this way, I hope that our work can make it back to Nepal and help people everywhere. I feel like I don’t know what else I would be doing and I’m glad it’s with SOPHiA.