Dasa – Diagnosticos da America – is the largest medical diagnostic company in Latin America and the 5th largest in the world – operates in Brazil and Argentina, with a focus on clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging and genetic medicine.

Dasa has more than 20 thousand employees and 2 thousand doctors, renowned in Brazil and abroad, who work in a robust and capillary health care network across the country.  Performs more than 250 million exams and 20 million patients per year, through its more than 40 laboratory networks distributed in approximately 800 units – such as Delboni Auriemo (SP), CDPI (RJ), Exame (DF), among others.

After choosing SOPHiA GENETICS in 2016 to accurately analyse, organize and store the data produced from its genetic unit GeneOne, the company has decided in 2020 to increase its collaboration with the global leader in Data-Driven Medicine across radiomics and clinical trials. These new partnerships will help clinicians from Dasa understand better how to follow up, treat and orientate patients towards a more personalized medicine.

With Dasa’s expansion to Latin America, SOPHiA AI is now providing better and faster diagnostics to patients across the region.

“SOPHiA GENETICS has now become a strategic partner in our precision medicine initiatives at Dasa. We are very pleased with the initial accomplishments since 2016 together in the building of our brand GeneOne. To better understand the oncology data harnessed at all steps of the patient’s diagnostic journey, is of crucial importance to us. That is why today we foresee many new collaborations with SOPHiA in new innovative applications such as radiogenomics.”

  • Gustavo Campana, Medical Director of Clinical Analysis at Dasa.