SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Technology

Detect more with less

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Maximize your biologically actionable insights from small tumor samples with the SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Technology end-to-end solutions

Gene fusions have been associated with various tumors and are recognized as valuable cancer biomarkers in cancer research1.  Targeted RNA sequencing is recommended to maximize novel fusion detection by identifying transcribed and potentially actionable fusions.

RNA sequencing fusion detection has become an integral tool of cancer research, as it allows clinical researchers to identify genetic abnormalities that trigger oncogenesis and progression.

High-performance novel fusion detection

Optimized for small FFPE samples using 10ng of RNA or tNA minimum input

Customizable gene content and full Set Up Program

Streamlined 1.5-day end-to-end workflow, automation-friendly

Detect and interpret novel fusions, SNVs, and Indels in major lung cancer biomarkers (45 relevant genes)

Streamlined visualization , filtering and reporting with the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform

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SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Technology

Unleash the capabilities of RNA Sequencing and expand your cancer research insights using SOPHiA GENETICS’s end-to-end applications for small tumor samples

Choose the solution that fits your needs

Our comprehensive portfolio offers ready-to-use and customizable solutions based on RNAtarget Technology features and performances

SOPHiA DDM™️ RNAtarget Oncology Solution

SOPHiA DDM™️ RNAtarget Oncology Solution is a comprehensive application that covers 45 genes relevant for solid tumors, with a focus on lung cancer.

SOPHiA DDM™️ Dx RNAtarget Oncology Solution

SOPHiA DDM™️ Dx RNAtarget Oncology Solution is also available as a CE-IVD product, enabling novel fusion detection in small samples to improve lung cancer management. Read More

SOPHiA GENETICS™ Community Panels

SOPHiA GENETICS™ Community Panels are targeted panels developed and tested by genomic experts of their fields to minimize set-up challenges and accelerate your workflow.

Custom Applications

SOPHiA GENETICS™ Custom applications are panels specifically designed at your request to analyze genes relevant to your laboratory. 

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SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Technology Workflow

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SOPHiA DDM™️ RNAtarget Oncology Solution Features

SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Oncology Solution covers 45 genes associated with solid tumors, with a focus on lung cancer biomarkers. Our technology offers novel (partner-agnostic) fusion detection combined with the ability to detect SNVs/Indels and unlock the capacity to assess expression changes. Probe design is optimized to guarantee high on-target rate and coverage uniformity even in GC-rich regions. For specific needs, the gene content can be fully customized.

Minimal RNA/tNA input amount​ required

Comprehensive variants detection​, visualization and filtering

Direct access to the latest scientific evidence via​ OncoPortal™ Plus​

Intuitive and fully automated reporting

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SOPHiA DDM™ RNAtarget Technology

Sample Type

FFPE, fresh frozen tissue

Input Type RNA or tNA
Input Amount 10-200 ng, 50 ng recommended
Sequencer Compatibility
  • Illumina MiSeq®
  • Illumina NextSeg® 550
Library Preparation Time 1.5 days
Analysis Time From FASTQ File 8h/16 sample batch
Detected Variants
  • Novel fusions
  • SNVs/Indels
  • Expression changes

*The parameters are not applicable for SOPHiA DDM™️ Dx RNAtarget Oncology Solution

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SOPHiA DDM™️ RNAtarget Oncology Solution

Major lung cancer biomarkers

EGFR (vIII exon skipping), KRAS (G12C), ALK, ROS1, BRAF (V600E), NTRK, MET (exon 14 skipping), RET, ERB2 and PD-L1



  • Panel size: 97kb
  • Mixed exon/full gene coverage
  • Pipelines for Illumina NextSeq® and MiSeq®
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